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Upcoming Days in Rotation

  • Monday, February 20th – No School – Winter Break
  • Tuesday, February 21st – No School – Winter Break
  • Wednesday, February 22nd – Day 7
  • Thursday, February, 23rd – Day 1
  • Friday, February 24th – Day 2


  • Spring Enrichment has added THREE NEW PROGRAMS: Tuesdays - Ultimate Football with Cameron Brown. Tuesdays - Adventures in Girls Engineering with Jennifer Clair and Thursdays - Girls Volleyball with Megan Crouch. Sign up HERE.
  • Summer Camps:Calling all budding artists, builders, scientists, engineers, athletes, coders, and more! Porter-Gaud Summer Camp is your destination for inventive, exciting, and most importantly, fun summer learning. June 6–August 11, visit
  • LOCATION MOVED FOR RICHARD GUERRY PARENT EVENT- The Richard Guerry online/digital safety presentation has been moved to WASHINGTON HALL on Feb. 22 at 6:30 p.m. All parents are invited - but content will be directed to 4th-12th grade parents. For more information about Guerry, visit

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

The true highlight of our week was Grandparents and Special Friends Day on Friday. Our Lower School students performed a variety of songs for our guests showcasing their amazing talent. The audience appeared positively delighted with the performance. The day ended with visits to homerooms where students were able to share their classrooms with our very special guests. What a wonderful Lower School tradition!

Grandparents Day Preparation

In Writers Workshop, students in second grade reflected on what their life would be like when they become a grandparent. They shared these reflections with their grandparents and special friends.

Launching Ladies

Our Lower School trebuchet teams represented PG well last weekend at the trebuchet competition at The Citadel! Way to go, Launching Ladies!!

Science Lab

First graders attempted to "Escape the Zone of Darkness" using rotocopter seeds that they made in science class.

Second grade scientists raced to search out predators and prey during their science lab this week. Eat or be eaten!

Third grade scientists discovered the microscopic world of sand and worked as decomposers to form virtual soil!

South Carolina Elementary Choir

Fifth graders Renny Miles, Sara Grace Champagne, Aidan Damsker, Anna Kahn, Ella Murphy, and Reese Wisner traveled to Columbia last weekend to take part in the South Carolina Elementary Honor Choir. They joined a choir of 278 fourth, fifth, and sixth grade singers from across the state. They rehearsed for two days with noted composer and director Andrea Ramsey and performed a concert in front of over 1000 people. Bravo to these students and their teacher, Mr. Monsell!

Porter-Gaud Wins SCISA State Spelling Bee

Over 70 schools and over 840 students competed in the SCISA Spelling Bee this year, and Porter-Gaud came out on top! Congratulations to Mac Flynn, fourth grader, for a state runner-up finish!

LS Painting Party

Teachers enjoyed each other's company this week during an after school hours "painting party" in the Lower School art room. With a little instruction and inspiration from Mrs. Stiglic and Mrs. Holley, our team of teachers created beautiful paintings. What a great bonding and learning experience!

Painting Plankton

This week our fifth graders explored plankton. They chose a phytoplankton or zooplankton species to recreate using oil pastels and watercolors. Because oil and water do not mix, wherever the students drew with the oil pastels, the watercolor would not cover. The students' excitement upon noticing this fact was contagious!

Valentine's Day in the Lower School

Thank you to Pizza Hut in Mount Pleasant for donating pizza boxes for second grade mailboxes. Each second grader made a heart shaped pizza mailbox.

Fourth graders had a blast during their Measurement Valentine experience this week. Our winners stacked those candies high!!!

How to Make a Sweet Grass Basket

This week, Lance Howard (Mrs. Howard's husband), taught third graders all about the Gullah art of making sweet grass baskets.

A Visit from Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin visited the fourth grade this week sharing his accomplishments as a founding father, inventor, and much more. Did you know Ben was inducted into the swimming hall of fame and insurance hall of fame? He also invented the Franklin Stove, bifocal glasses, and the lightening rod.

Special Guest Readers

Mrs. Sallee's class had an older sibling as a special guest reader this week.

Mrs. Dixon's class had a special guest reader from fifth grade last week. What fun!

Sailor of the Week

The Sailor of the Week from Mrs. Miller's class taught classmates how to use tinfoil in a battery pack when the spring is missing!

Researching Ancient China

Fifth graders are busy working on a research project focused on Ancient China. Each student will select a specific topic such as the Great Wall, Confucius, or the Terra-cotta Army. We can't wait to watch the video presentations of their work – all filmed in front of the green screen.

A Fond Farewell

Mrs. Dixon's class said goodbye to a classmate who his moving to a different state. Farewell Desa'Rae! We will miss you!!

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Dear Parents,

During the month of February, our virtues focus will be on the character trait of Honesty. Honesty is defined as: say what you mean and mean what you say; be true to yourself and do what is right; and admit your mistakes, refuse to lie, cheat, or steal. Honesty is important because it builds trust. Trust is the basis of relationships. When you are honest with yourself, you accept yourself as who you are. We practice honesty when we speak truthfully and treat others fairly.

Many of us grew-up with the motto, "Honesty is the best policy." Honesty is a developing concept for young children. They need experience with honesty in order to learn to employ it. According to many parenting books, most young children tell the truth all of the time. It is just not in their nature to lie-they tell things as they see them. However, as children grow older and begin to discern the consequences for actions and observe the reactions of some adults, they may decide to lie believing that it's the easier course to take. It is critical that we discuss these issues with our children and help them make connections between choices and results.

In the classroom this month, we will be working with our students on the virtue of honesty in the following ways:

  • Using scenarios to role play honest and dishonest reactions to real life situations
  • Reading stories that deal with the theme of honesty
  • Helping children see the long-term effects of dishonesty by presenting them with situations that illustrate the burden of misrepresenting the truth
  • Looking at Porter-Gaud's Mission Statement and Student Handbook with regard to the policies pertaining to honesty and integrity

At home, some ideas to further continue our investigation of honesty might include:

  • Discussing pertinent news stories that deal with a loss of trust and discussing how such people would be viewed by their friends and family
  • Model honesty and use these examples to reinforce your own expectations for your children
  • Watch a movie in which honesty and truthfulness are major themes and encourage your child to talk about ways the main characters demonstrate honesty (and dishonesty)
  • Visit your local library or book store and check out a book or two on the topic of honesty
  • When children are dishonest, help them sort through the facts of what happened without anger or judgment


The Virtues Committee

Upcoming Days in Rotation

Monday, February 13th – Day 3

Tuesday, February 14th – Day 4

Wednesday, February 15th – Day 5

Thursday, February 16th – Day 6

Friday, February 17th – Not a Day in Rotation – Grandparents and Special Friends Day – All students should wear Chapel Uniforms.


  • Monday, February 13th at 6:30pm in the cafeteria there is a Fourth Grade Parent Meeting to discuss the transition to Middle School.

Ms. Frasier's Amazing Readers!

Students in Ms. Frasier's reading group are working on several skills, including deciphering between facts and opinions. After reading several books about ocean animals, the group decided to create a simple fact and opinion book about sharks.

Introduction of Honesty

Our fifth graders did a wonderful job introducing the virtue of honesty in Chapel this week. They made a video reciting a poem about honesty. They also introduced a few books to our Lower School with themes focused on this important virtue.

Fifth grade students celebrated the virtues with a pizza party.


Mrs. Miller's class practiced cursive this week.

Roll It! Make It! Expanded It!

Mrs. Gerth's math class had fun this week!

Look What We Found!

An exciting discovery was made on the playground this week. Students found a terrapin turtle!!

Guest Reader

A special guest reader in visited a second grade class this week. She read a terrific local book, The Pink House.

Island Gal

On Thursday, the Lower School gathered in the auditorium for a special guest speaker, Geechee Gullah speaking and Charleston native, Gervonder Brown. She presented herself to us as the Island Gal and shared stories of her experiences being raised on the Sea Islands of Charleston, SC. Island Gal also treated our Lower School students and teachers to songs, Gullah sayings, and customs in a fun and interactive way!

Using Treasure Box Money to Dine with Friends

Several students in second grade spent their treasure box money on a ticket that allowed them to eat outside with their friends and their teacher!

Partner Work

Students in Mrs. Sallee's reading class enjoyed sharing chapter summaries with their reading partners. They analyzed character traits throughout each chapter. Partner conversations are so much fun!

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Upcoming Days in the Rotation

Monday, February 6th – Day 5

Tuesday, February 7th – Day 6

Wednesday, February 8th – Day 7

Thursday, February 9th – Day 1

Friday, February 10th – Day 2


  • We are preparing to welcome hundreds of grandparents and special friends on Friday, February 17th. This special event cannot happen without your help and we are looking for a number of volunteers to make this day possible. Please consider signing up for a shift at

  • Due to popular demand, PGPG Sweatshirts are BACK!!! We are offering both crew and hoodie sweatshirts. They are the same ultra-soft gray shirts that everyone loved at the Holiday Market.
    • Visit the PGPG website to print and fill out your order form. You can mail the order form & check (address is on the order form) or send it in with your child to give to his/her homeroom teacher.
    • Orders need to be received by Feb 15th. Shirts will be delivered to the homeroom indicated on the order form.

100 Days of School

The 100th day of school was Wednesday, February 1st. Across the Lower School, students enjoyed celebrating this milestone.

First graders and their teachers dressed up as if they were 100 years old!

Students in Ms. Frasier's math class had to determine how many pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters are in $100.00. The students worked in groups and shared strategies as they completed this challenge.

Each second grade class created a tasty 100 piece snack and created "100 glasses" with 100 items on them. Mr. Egleston stopped in for the fun. He created fun glasses and read a 100th day book.

Book Fair Fun

The highlight of our week was the Book Fair! A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Easter and all of the parent volunteers for making the Book Fair exciting and fun for our students!

Fun Friday Competition

Fifth graders enjoyed a little friendly competition in math, working in small groups to review skills from the first semester. Mr. Adams, Ms. Kent, and Mrs. Evans were impressed with their knowledge.

The Rubics Master Among Us

We have a Rubics master in the third grade! He demonstrated his jaw-dropping ability to solve a Rubics cube in less than a minute and a Rubics magnetic puzzle in 6 seconds flat!

Second Grade Sailors and Stars of the Week

Ms. Frasier's Star Student of the Week, did a special science demonstration, showcasing the chemical reaction between Diet Coke and Mentos mints. The eruption that her experiment created surprised her second grade friends.

In Mrs Sallee's class, the Sailor of the Week and his mom taught the class all about the Chinese New Year by making dumplings and sharing information about the Hong Bao packet.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Third grade finishes their journey to the center of the earth using clay.

Fairy Houses

First grade girls spent time at recess creating fairy houses. Some great engineering at work!

Writing a Formal Letter

Fifth grade students learned the format for writing a formal letter. To practice this newly learned skill, they wrote and mailed complimentary letters to some of their favorite businesses. Hopefully, they will receive letters back!

St. Thomas Boys Choir

The St.Thomas Boys Choir from New York performed two songs during our Lower School Chapel service this week. Their voices were simply beautiful and our students truly enjoyed their performance.


Second Grade is learning all about graphing. Check out our bar graph fun!

Falcons or Patriots?

Students made a Super Bowl prediction board in Mr. Sallee's class this week. They predict the Falcons will win the Super Bowl this year!

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Upcoming Days in Rotation

Monday, January 30th – Day 7

Tuesday, January 31st – Day 1

Wednesday, February 1st – Day 2

Thursday, February 2nd – Day 3

Friday, February 3rd – Day 4


  • We have a huge number of items in the Lost and Found basket in the Lower School office. On Tuesday morning (1/31) from 7:45am to 10:00am, all Lost and Found items will be placed in the cafeteria on the tables closest to the carpool loop. Please stop by if you are missing coats and sweaters!
  • We ask that you keep in mind the following uniform rules for outerwear:
    • School approved outerwear (fleece, jacket, sweater, sweatshirt) with the Porter-Gaud logo can be worn anytime during the school year.
    • Outerwear that is not part of the Porter-Gaud uniform can be worn while a student is outside on the playground or while he/she is transitioning from class to class, but outerwear that is not approved (see the Lower School Uniform Guidelines) must be removed once a student is back in the classroom.Don
  • Don't forget! Our Lower School Book Fair is Wednesday, February 1st-3rd!!

The Year of the Rooster

Our second, fourth, and fifth graders made origami roosters to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Special Guest Readers

Through a classroom positive reward system, a second grade student earned the opportunity to read to a Lower School homeroom class of his choice. He chose to read Beagles to Mrs. Gerth's first grade class. He was a big hit!

Mrs. Dixon's class had a special guest reader this week! She read Stripes and the kids loved it!

Mrs. Sallee's class had a special guest reader on Friday!

The Dock Street

Second graders enjoyed watching James & the Giant Peach at the historic Dock Street Theater this week.

Several second graders took on a special project in the days leading up to their trip. They created posters, reports and PowerPoint presentations to teach their classmates about the history of the Dock Street Theater.

Plastic Pollution

This week, Lia Colabello from The 5 Gyres Institute visited our fifth graders. She spoke with them about the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans, the dangers of plastics to animals and humans, and how each of us can work to reduce plastic pollution in Earth's waters!

Upper School Helpers

A group of Upper School students generously gave their time this week to help Mrs. Easter with organizing promotional materials for the Lower School Book Fair. What a huge help!

Marble Party

Ms. Rounds' third graders celebrated their marble party with a dress down/pajama day, yummy snacks, iPad time, and a good movie!

Math Games

Mrs. Wey's class enjoyed a game of Place Value Memory this week.

The Art of Cursive

Second graders are practicing their uphill, over hill, and side strokes as they begin the art of cursive handwriting. They are enjoying this newest challenge.

Taxation Without Representation

Third graders experienced the true meaning of "taxation without representation" during a daylong civics exercise. Teachers taxed students on everything from pencils to recess. At the conclusion of the activity, students wrote a reflection and related their personal experiences to those of the colonists who endured the Intolerable Acts which led to the American Revolution.

Lessons with Father Richard

Father Richard talked to students this week about Psalms. Students learned that Psalms are musical prayers sung to the accompaniment of a Kinnor (portable version of a harp). Father Richard shared that there are three different types of Psalms: praise, sadness, and thankfulness. As part of the lesson, students were asked to draw pictures of things that brought them absolute happiness, things that made them sad, and things for which they are thankful. While the students were drawing, they listened to the music of John Michael Talbot who plays the guitar and sings the Psalms.

Lunch with My Teacher

Two second grade students enjoyed lunch with their teacher as a special reward purchased from their class's treasure box.

Celebrating the Virtues

Mrs. Miller's class and Mrs. Sallee's class celebrated our Lower School Virtues with a fun lunch! Thank you to our parent volunteers for helping to make these luncheons special for our students.

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