Students Go Aboard the Okeanos Explorer

Posted February 27, 2012

Approximately 30 Porter-Gaud seniors had the privilege of touring the 224-ft NOAA research ship, Okeanos Explorer, which is often referred to as “America’s Ship for Ocean Exploration”. The ocean is 95 percent unexplored, unknown and unseen by human eyes. The only goal of this ship is to explore. Exploration of our largely unknown ocean supports key NOAA, national, and international goals related to a better understanding of the ocean that will benefit current and future generations. NOAA views this ship as a new and valuable asset with great potential to help understand the unknown ocean. Students were introduced to the specialized crew, technology, and goals of the ship. They learned that new species and new ocean science are constantly being discovered. A BIG thank you to Paula Keener Chavis for helping to arrange the wonderful opportunity for these young, college-bound students that they had this past Friday!

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