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PG Parent Kristin Wisner Spearheads Healthcare Worker Appreciation Campaign

With the late summer/early fall surge of COVID-19 cases in Charleston,  PG parent Kristin Wisner felt a sense of dread for her fellow health care workers.  

“I had watched testimonials by frontline doctors and nurses that were heartbreaking. You could hear the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion in their voices. I wanted to do something to lift spirits and for them to feel the support and gratitude of our community,” said Kristin, a nurse at Roper St. Francis.  

Utilizing social media and a few group texts with Porter-Gaud parents, Kristin floated out the idea of a service project: To sponsor appreciation meals with Charleston’s healthcare frontline workers. 

“There was an overwhelming response from neighbors, family, friends, and the incredible parents of the Porter-Gaud class of 2027 (7th grade). I quickly realized others were feeling the same as me.” 

With more funds than anticipated, Kristin reached out to her friend, Amber Craig of Charleston Catering and Events. Amber’s event business had been decimated by the COVID-19 shutdown so she had pivoted and devised Healthy Meals Charleston -  a meal delivery service. Together, Amber and Kristin created a sponsorship program for individuals to send healthy meals to area frontline health care workers including many of our PG parents. 

“The work was long but so very rewarding,” says Amber. “At every delivery, we were met by managers or staff members who conveyed how desperately this gesture of support was needed. There was an overwhelming sense of appreciation, lots of smiles, and a few tears.” 

To date, almost 700 meals made by Amber and her team at  Charleston Catering and Events have been delivered to COVID-19 health care providers at our local hospitals. With the help from PG’s Service Director Gretchen Tate, Kristin was able to get the children involved as well. All the meals were accompanied with handwritten letters and adorable cards made by Porter-Gaud students. 

“Porter-Gaud is special and unique in so many ways. If there is a need, there is never a shortage of parents, staff, and students willing to help and to serve. I have witnessed this numerous times over the last 15 years and our family is blessed to be a part of this community. Thank you again to all who donated and participated!” said Kristin. 



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