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US Students Embrace Interdisciplinary Seminars

This fall, fifty-four Upper School students are participating in bi-weekly interdisciplinary seminars. The program was launched to engage students in rigorous, cross-disciplinary learning and enable them to explore real-world applications at the intersection of multiple fields of interest. Under the guidance of two faculty sponsors, seminar students discuss, debate, inquire, create, and deepen their understanding of a variety of topics. Students are faculty-selected based on prior academic achievement and a required essay demonstrating enthusiasm for the field and an ability to clearly communicate their ideas. Selectees spend an hour each week preparing for or participating in the seminar, which meets every other week. The format of seminars vary based on topic, and students will be asked to choose from a set of tiered, multimedia resources to review prior to each session. 

Below is a snapshot of a few of their accomplishments this semester:

  • In Engineering Solutions, students have designed and 3D-printed turbines that generate electrical outputs.  They will be programming their turbines later this spring.
  • In Leadership Studies, students have interviewed leaders within our PG and Charleston community and reflected on how they could apply their strengths to different styles of leadership, 
  • In Environmental Costs of Human Advancement, students have studied the importance of pollinator species in our ecosystems and evaluated how the use of land and natural resources has changed over time in the Charleston area and around the world.
  • In Bioethics, students applied the principles of Kantian ethics to evaluate the healthcare disparities among marginalized populations in a current and historical context as well as proposed ethical boundaries for future use of sensory and motor prosthetics.  

For a look at pictures from the Bioethics team's trip to use the MUSC's Davinci surgical simulator, click here

Posted by Dr. Sarah Bauer, US Science Faculty and leader of Bioethics seminar. 

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