The Cyclone Fund, Porter-Gaud's Annual Fund, is the School’s cornerstone in fundraising. It provides resources that are critical to the School’s child-centered mission. Like other leading independent schools, tuition alone cannot fund the entire cost associated with a private education, therefore, leaving a gap. Porter-Gaud relies on tax-deductible donations and the Cyclone Fund is vital to making up the difference - the difference being greater opportunities and stronger offerings for our students and faculty.

Your gift to the Cyclone Fund also helps to recruit and retain exceptional faculty who inspire, challenge, and nurture our students. From competitive salaries and professional development opportunities, to curriculum and extracurricular enhancements, financial aid and scholarships, the Cyclone Fund touches literally every aspect of school life.

Last year parents, alumni, and friends of the School contributed a record $1.12 million. The School depends on these gifts to meet current needs on campus and enrich the day-to-day intellectual, social, and personal development of every student.

For more information on the ways to give (cash, credit cards, gifts of stock or personal property) or to see if your company will match your gift click here. You may also contact Kathryn Sherrod, Director of Annual and Major Gifts, at 843.402.4685 or

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Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Turner IV, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Saad, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Howell ’95, Mr. R. Paul Padgett III & Dr. Tamara M. Padgett, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Bozeman, Mr. & Mrs. D. DuBose Egleston, Jr. ’93, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weil, Mr. & Mrs. William L. Sherrod II, Mrs. Elizabeth Coker Molony-Buonanno & Mr. Bernard Joseph Buonanno, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Mikell C. Thaxton ’91, Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hirni, Mr. & Mrs. H. Chapman McKay, Mrs. Peyton Bruner Sasnett, Dr. Jeffrey S. Rieder & Mrs. Susan Nussbaum Rieder ’83, Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Adelson, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Schools ’86, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Chandler, Mr. & Mrs. John Fortson, Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Guerard, Dr. & Mrs. James B. Wisner ’92, Mr. & Mrs. Zhongmin Li, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Greenwell, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Schenkel, Mr. & Mrs. F. Marcell Easter, Mr. Hongkuan Fan & Mrs. Yan Cao, Mr. Christopher J. Tate, Mrs. Gretchen L. Tate, Mr. & Mrs. Kael J. Martin, Mr. John C. Pearson, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Baran, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Jimenez, Mrs. Amy B. Stiglic, Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas Boccabella, Mr. & Mrs. Bryan S. Frazier, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Hyde III, Ms. Fatma D. Dogan, Mr. William F. Smith IV & Mrs. Anna Shealy Smith ’91, Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Clair, Mrs. Jennifer Lorenz & Mr. Sean Houlihan, Dr. & Mrs. Kent J. Stock, Mr. & Mrs. Todd N. Monsell, Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Flynn, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Daily, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Greenslade, Ms. Frances D. Ridgell & Mr. Robert Clair, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Bergman, Mr. & Mrs. Brian Burke, Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Conrad, Mr. & Mrs. John Cantey, Mr. Peter D. Wey & Mrs. Leigh Mendelsohn Wey ’96, Mr. Derek A. Sessions, Sr. '86 & Dr. Julie Adams Sessions, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Short, Mr. & Ms. Stephen Stanec, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Sallee, Mr. & Mrs. Granger C. Osborne, Jr. ’95, Mr. & Ms. Steven Trice, Mr. & Mrs. O. Childs Smith, Ms. Sandra Cipriani, Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Reetz, Mr. T. Brinkley Norton, Mr. & Mrs. Clinton A. Beck, Dr. & Mrs. Jason M. Highsmith, Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Fennelly, Mr. James G. Van Alen, Ms. Meghan B. Van Alen, Dr. Aaron I. Lehman, Mr. Brian Hellman & Mrs. Julie Goldberg Hellman ’91, Mr. & Mrs. George B. Walton III, Dr. Catherine D. Tobin & Mr. Terrence Tobin, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. McLoughlin, Mr. Brendan Magee, Mr. & Mrs. Costa T. Chakeris ’89, Dr. Richard L. Darden & Dr. Tanya L. Darden, Mr. & Mrs. David R. AvRutick, Dr. Simmons Anderson & Dr. Thomas Anderson, Mr. Patrick Brumfield & Mrs. April Bates Brumfield ’90, Mr. Michael J. Psenka & Dr. Tamatha Devito Psenka ’88, Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKeever, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Hay III ’79, Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Lea, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Laurie N. Ervin, Dr. W. C. Worthington III '69 & Dr. Jane Tyler, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Freshley, Dr. Mark A. Goedecke & Dr. Aimee A. Goedecke, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Christy, Ms. Ute Stretz & Mr. Laurence Lautenschlager, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Quattlebaum III, Mr. T. Michael Doyle & Dr. Lavonda Miley, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Barber Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Holland, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Jones, Sr., The Rev. Canon & Mrs. Allen C. Hughes ’85, Mr. & Mrs. Dunston Powell, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Berger, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan D. Bluestein, Esq. ’91, Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Leadem, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel B. Rosen, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Baranowski, Mr. James E. Kelley, DMD & Mrs. Suzanne Blakeney Kelley ’94, Mr. & Mrs. David Desplaces, Mr. & Mrs. John D. Stockton, Esq., Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Ibsen, Mr. Kenneth L. Jaimes & Dr. Leigh Jaimes, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Hydrick IV ’87, Dr. Daniel Lewis & Dr. Madelene Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. W. Ashley Thiem ’98, Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Strickland, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Allen ’91, Mr. & Mrs. Juan Acevedo, Mr. Mason T. Pope & Mrs. Anne Tamsberg Pope ’89, Dr. Walter R. Long & Dr. Julie Kassis Long ’93, Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bailey, Jr. ’93, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morton, Mr. & Mrs. David Hudson, Mr. F. Stuart Hanckel IV ’76, Mr. John Basto, Jr. & Mrs. Vanessa Daniels Basto ’88, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Parsell, Jr. ’87, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Reese, Mr. Francis C. Ford IV '94 & Mrs. Emily Pittard Ford ’95, Dr. & Mrs. W. Melvin Brown III ’87, Mr. John Etters & Mrs. Julie Marshall Etters ’88, Mr. Chad W. Mason & Mrs. Sharon B. Beckmann, Mr. & Mrs. Trey D. Thompson III ’85, Mr. & Mrs. John G. Ferguson, Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Sniderman, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher E. Chariker ’90, Mrs. Tammy Connor, Mr. & Mrs. John Baden IV, Dr. Jeffrey Marcino & Dr. Sara Lang Marcino ’92, Mr. & Mrs. Joshua L. Ambrite, Dr. & Mrs. Judd B. Adelman, Mr. & Mrs. Justin Schaay, Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Lyden, Mr. & Mrs. John Hooff III, Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bennett ’93, Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Cheves, Jr. ’87, Dr. & Mrs. John Van Kirk, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Parker, Mr. & Mrs. Loren R. Ziff, Reverend & Mrs. Anthony Kowbeidu, Dr. & Mrs. Scott N. McClary, Mr. Jim Brown & Mrs. Penny Lee, Mr. & Mrs. Ansel C. Kay IV, Dr. Daniel A. Handel & Dr. Nicole T. Chao, Dr. Laura Winterfield & Dr. Jeffrey Winterfield, Ms. Terri Collins Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Keith C. Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Schaible, Ms. Caroline Tigner Traugott ’87, Mr. Earl Dawson Caldwell IV & Mrs. Lisa Woodbury Caldwell ’85, Mr. Jeffrey S. Tibbals & Mrs. Anne Osborne Tibbals ’92, Mr. & Mrs. Neal R. Oldford, Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Kohlheim, Mr. & Mrs. Kennett R. Kendall, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Herres, Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Sperry ’92, Mr. William G. Geer '83 & Mrs. Bonnie Brittain Geer '87, Mr. & Mrs. Jay White, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Trouche '82, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. Preston Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hassell

Cyclone Fund Giving Levels

Friends of Porter-Gaud $1 - $499

Albemarle Society $500 - $999

Grimball Society $1,000 - $1,866

Headmaster’s Society $1,867 - $4,999

Porter Society $5,000 - $9,999

Roundtable $10,000 - $24,999

Founder's Circle - $25,000 and above

2016-2017 Annual Giving Numbers

Parent Giving 60% - Goal of 100%
Faculty Giving 100% - Goal of 100%
Board Giving 90% - Goal of 100%
Alumni Giving 11% - Goal of 16%
Cyclone Fund Giving $1,073,020 - Goal of $700,000
Annual Giving + Endowment $1,123,357 - Goal of $850,000

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