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MS Guidance Counselor

Q. –  What is the significance of Black History month to you?
A. – I think of Black History Month as an opportunity to focus on and learn more about the accomplishments of many Black Americans who have made major contributions towards the building and the progression of the United States of America. 

Q. – Who inspires you in the Black community? And why? Or what about them inspires you?
A. – My mother, Clara, who turned 100 years young on September 24, 2021. Also, my grandmother, Sarah, who was born in 1865. 

Q. – And why? 
A. – I watched my mother and I listened to stories my grandmother told us about her life. My mother and my grandmother lived their lives full of love for everyone, also with peace and harmony in their hearts during the worst of times economically and surrounded by lots of social injustices.  My maternal grandfather died at a young age and my grandmother raised their nine children by herself. My dad died at a young age and my mom raised their four children by herself. Their perseverance and determination to keep the faith and never give up inspires me everyday. 

Q. – What would you like to share about yourself?
A. – I really try my very best everyday to treat everyone with respect, kindness and fairness.