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Galen Givens-Rowlin '10

POrter-gaud Class of 2010

Q. – What year did you graduate from Porter-Gaud?
A. – 2010

Q. –Where are you working and what is your current job?
A. –Senior Continuous Improvement Manager for Walmart

Q. –How did PG impact you in college and in your professional career?
A. –The education at PG gave me the foundation to be able to think analytically and learn new information. 

Q. –As a black person from Charleston, what does your heritage/culture mean to you?
A. –My heritage is a large part of what defines who I am. Without the sacrifice and struggle of so many before me, I would not be able to be where I am today. Growing up in Charleston drives that concept home even further because there are still so many reminders of the struggles of our ancestors. There’s also a sense of pride that comes along with that because you know what so many had to overcome for their defendants to be in the positions they are now. 

Q. –What advice would you give to a current student at Porter-Gaud?
A. –As a black student at Porter-Gaud, be proud of who you are! Don’t shy away from your culture or assimilate differences because that is what makes you unique. All students should take advantage of the excellent education and understand that in the process, they are forming a way of thinking that will help them in many areas of life. All students should embrace different cultures, races, religions and different ways of thinking because this is what brings humans together and breaks down stereotypes. Stay uncomfortable.