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Porter-Gaud Class of 1979

Q: What are you most proud of your heritage?

A: What I am most proud of my heritage is that my family believed in persistence against all obstacles. It just so happened that the color of our skin was one of those obstacles. Others, my father, grandfather, and great grandfather all enjoyed listening to jazz and classical music. So do I. I loved the fact that the families in our neighborhood were so close that the kids could be at any of the homes and be treated like family.

Q: Anything you'd like to share about yourself, your career in technology, your family, your PG experience, or your life today?

A: I was recently recognized by the VolunteerNH for my work on racial reconciliation. Details can be found below:

James volunteers with the Manchester NAACP and the Town of Goffstown. He has championed, “Courageous Community Conversations,” a multi-segmented community initiative for members of the Goffstown community to talk about race, racism, and micro-aggressions. This program has been widely attended and has made a remarkably positive impact. James has spearheaded initiatives that include town staff, community members, and greater Manchester at large. His service with NAACP is focused on helping to diversify New Hampshire and develop the state into being a more welcoming place for minorities.

You can hear him speak about his work here.