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Latisha Hendry

Porter-Gaud PArent


Q: What makes you, you?

A: “I am a blessed beautiful African American single mother who’s strong, nurturing, ambitious, and educated. I love me and the skin that I am in. I am notoriously very social. I love and have the enviable knack of making everything look easy—when it’s not. I am broad-minded, mindful, and believe in enjoying every moment of life. I love helping and meeting new people and I love, love, love learning new things.”

Q: What does your black heritage or culture mean to you? and/or how does it enhance our community? 

A: “Black heritage or culture is multicultural drawing from a variety of diverse influences.  While I am no Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Madam C.J. Walker, or Audre Lorde with major contributions to American History, what I have contributed to PG is my ability to help others and provide awareness that there are gifts in all people; no matter the color and diversity. No two days are ever the same here and I love that. I put my psychology, sociology, and Masters in Counseling skills to work every day. I provide and strive to provide the best human service experience and knowledge. I adapt and adjust to changing scenarios and conditions. I strive daily to achieve new things and positions in life by adding all my energy and enthusiasm into anything I touch. The only way I see things from here is up.”