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RJ Smith '06

ASsistant Vice President, Grand South Bank

Q. – What year did you graduate from Porter-Gaud?
A. – 2006

Q. – Where are you working and what is your current job title?
A. – Grand South Bank, Assistant Vice President, Senior Credit Commercial Underwriter

Q. – How did PG impact you in college and in your professional career?
A. – My time at PG prepared me to manage my time effectively and work independently academically.  These skills helped me excel academically in college while missing time in the classroom to travel for basketball.  Professionally, PG has provided contacts/references and professional mentors to further my career in Charleston in the banking industry.

Q. – As a black person from Charleston, what does your heritage/culture mean to you?
A. – I am proud to be a black man living in the south, specifically in Charleston.  My heritage drives me to work hard daily just like my ancestors.  Black culture is important and my wife and I make sure our children understand and love who they are as a black person.

Q. – What advice would you give to a current student at Porter-Gaud?
A. – Take advantage of all opportunities and experiences PG has to offer.  The school offers so many different experiences that I wish I had taken more advantage when I attended.  The teachers and staff at the school are there to help you.  Take advantage of their expertise, as I am still in contact with some of my former teachers.  Lastly, enjoy your time at PG with your friends and the PG community because that time goes fast. 

Q. – Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your career, your family, your PG experience, or your life today?
A. – I really enjoyed my time at PG as I have made life long friendships.  My family and I periodically come back on campus to take in football and basketball games.  My oldest child Trey loves being on campus and enjoys meeting some of the players after games.