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Sarah Holley


Lower School Art Teacher

I think it's important for ALL people to be exposed to cultures beyond our own and I am fortunate to be in the position to do that in my classroom through art.

Our children are a part of history.  Undoubtedly, they have seen the most recent events being played on their tv screens. Those images have been embedded in their minds and hearts and they have questions. The children I teach are still so innocent. For them, it's simple. We treat others as we wish to be treated. It is hard for them to understand why people who don't look or act just as we do are often treated unfairly. This is the time to teach them that historically, people of color have not been presented with the same opportunities as some of us have.    

Despite varied demographics, we are all more alike than different. We have similar needs.  We crave a human connection (now more than ever) and we thrive on LOVE.  

We are the center of our own universe. Alma Woodsy Thomas' radial patterns perfectly represent that our words, actions, thoughts, character and habits not only make us who we are, but they impact everyone around us - our classmates, our school, our community and forever outward. The virtues we teach our children today will influence how they treat humankind now and forevermore.