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Singletary Family

Singletary Family

Shanequa, Harold, Malaya '28, & Marianna '22

Q: What are you most proud of your heritage??

A: “African American heritage is one of adversity, courage, and perseverance of injustice and the long continued fight for equality. Our culture is deeply rooted and connected through our ancestors. Albeit the attempt to disconnect us from our African culture, many of the traditions survived and exist today in American culture. So it means strength, family, traditions, and amazing achievements.”

Q: What hopes do you have for the future of your girls Marianna & Malaya Singletary? 

A: “We hope that they surround themselves with people who see their worth, men that respect and honor them, friends that cherish them, and work jobs that inspire them to be the best they can be, whilst fulfilling their inner strengths. That they would continue to work hard while playing and loving harder. For them to live life to its fullest and "test drive all dreams" while making memories, to have more opportunities than chances, more rewards from hard work than luck, and more friends than acquaintances. Our hopes are for them to live their best life.”