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Dr. Kimberly Brown and Kyson Brown-Cobb '27

I am most proud of the legacy of Black Heritage. The legacy of our ancestors whose shoulders we continue to stand on.  A legacy in which our ancestor did not strive to simply sit at or wait to be given a seat at the table nor did they  hope to be the “first or one and only” in any setting but worked to break through systems that maintained injustice and sought a movement that would restructure and rebuild unjust  systems. They understood that they needed to seek for a collective benefit. Simply being the ‘one and only’ would never be a legacy or enough to unite and bring justice to a people or a nation. My family strives to teach and share these stories, legacy, and history with one another and it is my hope that one day this rich legacy and history is readily taught across our nation’s schools. I am grateful for the opportunity to co-chair the Diversity and Inclusion Parent Alliance here at PG where I hope that we can build a strong legacy of breaking barriers and building bridges.