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THE Tiller Sisters

Maddie '27 and Camille '25

Q: What's the best part about being sisters? 

A: “She (Maddie) is pretty funny and she's a pretty great friend. The best part is, we (Camille and I) have inside jokes and once in a while we will just start laughing and nobody knows why besides us two.”

Q: Could you imagine life without being sisters?

A: “It wouldn’t be the same without her (Maddie) and I couldn’t imagine life without a sister honestly. It’s really nice having a sister, especially one that’s close in age because we understand each other.”

Q: What’s it like seeing each other on campus?

A: “At first I (Camille) was just here so now it’s funny to see her (Maddie) with her friends and walking around on campus. Sometimes it’s funny when she (Camille) is with her friends and she doesn’t want them to know I (Maddie) am there so I yell ‘Hey Camille!’ in front of her friends and embarrass her.”

Q: What do you both like about being at Porter-Gaud?

A: “Since we (Camille and I) are both in Middle School we can relate to each other. Like with teachers or activities that we can do together.”