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Celebrating Black Excellence at PG

Latisha Hendry

"What I have contributed to PG is my ability to help others and provide awareness that there are gifts in all people; no matter the color and diversity."

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Travis Smith '09

"My ancestors went through everything just for me to be here and that gives me strength. To know that I can get through pretty much anything if my ancestors were able to get through what they got through, and through God's grace I'm here, that's what I'm most proud of being Black."

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The Singletary Family

"African American heritage is one of adversity and courage and perseverance of injustice and the long continued fight for equality. Our culture is deeply rooted and connected through our means strength, family, traditions and amazing achievements."

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James T. McKim, Jr. '79

"My family believed in persistence against all obstacles. It just so happened that the color of our skin was one of those obstacles."

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The Brown Family

"I am most proud of the legacy of Black Heritage. The legacy of our ancestors whose shoulders we continue to stand on."

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Sarah Holley | Lower School Art

"I think it's important for ALL people to be exposed to cultures beyond our own and I am fortunate to be in the position to do that in my classroom through art."

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The Tiller Sisters

"It wouldn’t be the same without her (Maddie) and I couldn’t imagine life without a sister honestly. It’s really nice having a sister, especially one that’s close in age because we understand each other."

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