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Class of 1978 Forty-Five Year Reunion

Where are you now?

You've come a long way since the late 70's, and we'd love to know where you are now. New job? New city? New grandchild? What's new? Please update your information via this link so that we can keep you informed of any PG events and share some news for the upcoming print edition of the Porter-Gaud Magazine.

Help! We can't email some of your classmates.

We are missing email addresses for several of your classmates. Share this page with them or email Kenton Barham Youngblood '95 any contact information you have. 

Mr. Thomas W. Alexander, Jr. 1978
Mrs. Bonnie Sue Beaty 1978
Ms. Anne A. Benton 1978
Dr. Newton Craig Brackett, III 1978
Mr. Lowell Kapler Brickman 1978
Mr. Robert Wayne Bridges 1978
Mr. Thomas Daniel Calcote 1978
Mr. Philip Hammond Cheves 1978
Mr. Curtis Sidney Denman 1978
Mr. Mark David Free 1978
Ms. Jacquelyn M. Gentile 1978
Mr. Matthew F. Gildea 1978
Mrs. Rebecca Godwin 1978
Ms. Renee Marie Graff 1978
Mr. J. Penn Griffen 1978
Mr. John Lofton Hills 1978
Mr. Joseph Cecil Kennedy, III 1978
Dr. George Ralph Kuntz 1978
Mrs. Jodi Simmons Lindsey 1978
Mr. Michael W. Meredith 1978
Mr. Christopher Rollin Pope 1978
Mr. David Leon Rephan 1978
The Rev. Dr. George E. Edward Rhodes, III 1978
Mrs. Beth Mendelsohn Ross 1978
Dr. Shelley H. Ross-Perfetti 1978
Mr. William Thornton Seabrook 1978
Mrs. Elizabeth Welsh Sterling 1978
Mr. John Huneeus Vera 1978
Mr. Erich P. Welch 1978