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Porter-Gaud is excited to continue the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the school's first female students with a special edition of the Porter-Gaud Magazine. This edition will feature a timeline and additional features telling the story of how girls and women have enriched the school and the greater community, making women's voices and stories a vital part of the past, present and future of our alma mater. 

The Porter-Gaud alumnae community is constantly evolving. It is made up of women with unique paths, experiences, and perspectives who have shaped our history and their communities.

Please take a moment to share your part in this history, please take a moment to share your memories and perspective. Prefer to chat by phone? Reach out to Kenton Barham Youngblood '95 to schedule a time.


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If you were a member of a class in the 1970s or 1980s, what was it like to be among the first women to attend Porter-Gaud?
How did a co-educational experience affect how you approached the classroom experience and coursework?
What course or teacher had the most significant impact on your growth?
How did your time at Porter-Gaud shape you?
What advice do you have for current Porter-Gaud female students?
Submit a Class Note: Have you recently switched jobs, received a professional award, or been promoted? Have you tied the knot or had a baby? Please share your news with us for publication in the Porter-Gaud Magazine!

Contact Kenton Barham Youngblood '95
with any questions.