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Please choose the weeks you would like your child to attend O'Quinn during the summer. Tuition for each week is $400; payments will be due at the beginning of each month (June, July, and August) for the weeks registered in that month. Cancellations between the close of summer registration and June 1 will be billed at 50%; NO refunds will be given for cancellations after June 1. Days missed due to COVID exposure will be billed at 50%. *Please note O'Quinn Schools are closed Monday, July 5, and the week of August 9-13.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Supplement Options

Different supplement classes are offered for each week during the summer. You will only be able to register for classes during the weeks your child will attend.

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If you register for a supplement class, you will be redirected to a payment screen once you submit your form. Please pay via credit/debit card when you submit your registration. Supplement spots will not be held if payment is not received. Supplement fees are non-refundable unless the school is closed due to COVID. Supplement classes are available to 3K and up; karate is available for 4K and up.

Supplement Disclaimer

While Supplement instructors have completed background checks and provided the school with documentation, Supplement Classes are not supervised by trained O’Quinn employees. By signing below, I am stating that I am aware that while participating in a Supplement Class, my child will not be supervised by a staff person employed by the O’Quinn School. I am also aware that the Supplement instructors are not required to adhere to laws governing, including but not limited to, staff to child ratios, supervision, and educational training.

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