Spring Enrichment

Porter-Gaud Auxiliary team offers an amazing variety of engaging enrichment programs for students to continue their learning beyond the school day. See the descriptions below to find out what we offer. Click the "Register for Spring Enrichment" link below to add your participants.

**Please use a computer to register**



Spring Volleyball: (3:30-4:30PM, Grades 3-8) Tuesdays

8-time defending State Champion coaches Megan Crouch and Ragan Wood offer their Spring Enrichment Program for 2018. This program is designed to teach and develop our younger volleyball generation for playing on the big stage. 3rd grade will be included this year as it includes ages 8-14. Players will participate with others of similar skill and ability level.

Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to connect with your Varsity Coaches, develop your technique and have a lot of fun.

Dates: Tuesdays

2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1

Girls Basketball Extended Training (3:30-4:45PM, Grades 6-12) Tuesdays and Thursdays

April 10-May 3, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 Session or 4 Session registration options

The goals are as follows:

1. Consistency – Not only do we wish to see improvement with consistency on the court with skills like shooting and defense, but consistency with attendance and effort. What is more important is we will create an environment that our student/athletes will see their improvement and LIKE what they are doing.

2. Individual Skill improvement –The more you shoot, the better shooter you become. The more you handle the ball, the better ball handler you become. The more you play, the better you become. All these can be done throughout the course of your career even in small increments on your way to being a good basketball player.

3. Team Skill improvement – The more you play together the better you know each other’s skill. The better you know each other’s skill, the better your team becomes.

Student Athletes will be instructed and coached by Jen Payes, Kevin Ziman, Payton Sasnek, John Pearson, Travis Smith and Jamal Curry.

Boys Basketball JV/Varsity Skills Training (3:30-4:45, Grades 8-11) Tuesdays and Thursdays

Tuesday’s and Thursday's- May 8, 10, 15,17

Welcome to the inaugural Porter-Gaud JV/Varsity skills training. The purpose and set up of this program is to work with students who are interested in playing at the varsity level. (8th grade through 11th) This can include JV basketball players who wish to continue competitive training before the summer begins. You will be coached and trained by staff on the varsity and junior varsity. Drills and play will directly reflect how things are executed on the Varsity. Each student athlete will be evaluated and placed in groups according to their skill level so they will be able to maximize their strengths and have time to improve on their weaknesses.

Duration: Each group will have four sessions. Some sessions will be run at the same time to apply all of the drills during competition.

Cost: $140.00 per student athlete. ($35.00 per student per session)

Coaches: John Pearson (Head Varsity Boys Basketball) Travis Smith (Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball) Jamal Curry (Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball)


Soccer on the Green: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Jackson Soccer Development is bringing a fresh perspective to the game of soccer. Each uniquely designed sessions consist of group and individual skills, technical training and overall physical development. A heavy emphasis is placed on team building, character development, sportsmanship, and a sense of fair play. The coach creates an environment where players reach their full potential through physical training and skills development while achieving self-confidence and positive self-esteem from achievement both on and off the field. Sign up for this activity with your former Charleston Battery member because: Non-stop action and fun are guaranteed!

Instructor - Kevin Jackson, the State Director for U.S. Youth Futsal and former MLS player with the Chicago Fire and New England Revolution

Cheerleading: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

This program is offered to all 1st – 4th graders with the Porter-Gaud Spirit. This introductory Cheerleading course will be lead by one of the College of Charleston most experienced Lady Cougars – Samantha Pairet.

In this 10-week program students will learn fundamental techniques of gymnastics and cheerleading in a fun and safe environment that encourages self- empowerment and bolsters the PG Spirit. Come join us on Monday afternoons. Be sure to bring your spirit!

Leprechaun Science: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Robin Rutherford returns with Leprechaun Science! Do you want to learn the secrets of a leprechaun? During this program you will explore lots of fun and magical experiments that only leprechauns know. We will be getting "green" with fun by making such things as leprechaun "snow", finding rainbows with "pots of gold", making green leprechaun houses, and mixing up some leprechaun slime. We will be doing even more exciting lucky leprechaun activities near Saint Patrick’s Day!!

Coding 101: Python (3:15-4:30PM, Grades 4-8)

Kyle Cooper, an Upperclassmen Computer Science Major at the College of Charleston is coming to Porter Gaud to teach his very own course on Coding! Kyle will be teaching an introductory course on the program: Python. Python is a basic programming language that is widely used in all of the programming and Coding fields. Students will develop their knowledge and skills in programming by learning the key fundamentals of Coding. By the end of the semester, students will have a head start into the world of programming.

Tennis 101: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 2-4)

Coach Cameron Brown is back again! Tennis 101 is a course designed for players that would like to advance their skills and technique. Instruction will center around the preparation, balance and commitment that it takes to be an efficient tennis player. Students will learn to develop their overall tennis game. This course will be for those that will stay focused and have already developed a tennis game at the beginner level.

If you have a child enroll for this program that does not meet the required standards they will be asked to move to the "Tennis Anyone" program. If that class is full the student will be refunded.


Ballet with Lindy Mandradjieff : (3:30-4:30PM, Grades 1-4)

Porter-Gaud is lucky enough to have Lindy Mandradjieff-Fabyanic run a beginner ballet course at her very own studio, the Dance Conservatory of Charleston. Lindy danced professionally with the New York City Ballet and The San Francisco Ballet. She is widely known across the country as being one of the top in her field. Students will be taken by a PG bus to her studio, The Dance Conservatory of Charleston, at 3:15. Class will run from 3:30-4:30 and pick up must be at the studio. 1632 Ashley Hall Rd. The program will max at 12 due to space on the bus.

In this beginner ballet class, students will begin their formal ballet training with the emphasis on barre work, focusing on muscle development, musicality, and coordination in an encouraging environment. Students will also begin to become familiar with the structure and discipline of a ballet class. The technique is Vaganova based, with an emphasis on vocabulary and correct execution of steps. For additional information, please check out The Dance Conservatory of Charleston's Website: danceconservatorychs.com

Trackology Presents: 'Chutes and Ladders: (3:30-4:15PM, Grades 3-8) (Tu+Th)

This Spring 2018 we will introduce an instructional Track and Field Program aimed at teaching running techniques, developing speed and teaching some of the finer points of track and field.

During this 6 week 12 session program (Tu+Th), students will learn the fundamentals of running and all things related to track. Students will learn how to run faster and jump farther and will be given the tools, such as parachutes, to test them physically and propel them forward.

There is no speed or time requirement and the only prerequisite is a great attitude with a willingness to improve!

On Your Mark. Get set. Go!!!

Porter-Gaud Lower School Football: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Football Fundamentals Returns!

The PG Auxiliary Team creates a Porter-Gaud Football Curriculum for the entire Lower School. This introductory course will focus on the key concepts, terms, skills and drills that are necessary to become a successful Porter-Gaud Football Player. This semester will include Varsity players, offering up their guidance and knowledge for each practice.

This is an incredible opportunity for the Lower School to learn the basics and fundamentals of Football. If your child has any interest in joining our Bantam team in Middle School, or just wants to have some fun on the football field, than this is the ideal situation for them. Make sure your child is prepared for techniques and basics associated with our Bantam Football Team. Participants will develop skills that will give themselves, and our teams, a big advantage when the time comes to play!

Participants will be broken up by age and ability level for portions of practice. The end of practices will include semi-competitive games.

Tennis Anyone: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Tennis is a life long sport that should begin at a young age. Tennis Anyone is designed to introduce the game of tennis in a format that is fun, exciting and educational. Students will focus on developing their balance, agility, awareness and of course their tennis technique. Coach Cameron Brown will provide the students with an hour of multiple games and drills. We will change up the format frequently to keep it exciting and fun. This is the best course for those that would like to have an introduction to Tennis that will leave them wanting more!

Famous Adventures and Outdoor Explorers: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Famous Adventures invites kids grades 1st through 4th to learn practical outdoor skills and explore Porter-Gaud’s beautiful waterfront campus.

We’ll explore questions on this student-led journey like: How does the moon effect the tides? Why are Egrets white? What is pluff mud? (We’ll have to get in and find out!).

We’ll learn outdoor skills too: Learn to read a map and compass, predicting the weather, knot tying, identifying animal tracks, etc.

All along, we will mix in a healthy dose of camp games, time for reflection, and fun and laughter.

Study Skills: (3:00-4:00PM, Grade 4 only)

Grade 4 ONLY, Instructor - Denise Lawson, Lower School Learning Specialist

This Enrichment Program is unique and extremely beneficial. The goal is to provide guidance for any student interested in improving and strengthening the necessary skills to be a successful student. Students will learn how to utilize assignment books/calendars effectively, set realistic goals and study plans, and organize binders. They will receive tips for active-reading strategies, active listening strategies, and note-taking. Test prep and test taking strategies will also be discussed.

All materials and snacks are included!

*This Program is limited to a maximum of 10 students.

Create Peace Yoga: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 3-8)

Grades 3-8

Porter-Gaud is lucky enough to have Katherine Ladd back on campus for her Yoga and Art course. The class combines traditional yoga with energetic child-centered songs and activities.

Create Peace Yoga empowers by guiding children on a journey to confidence, in their own bodies, and in their role in the world. Create Peace Yoga enlightens by practicing mindfulness. With a calm mind, we create art with all types of media. It evolves each unique individual as they discover the ability to find a sense of peace.

We create art with all types of media!


Porter-Gaud Lower School Basketball: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Come out and learn some of the fundamental skills and techniques of Basketball.

State Champion Head Varsity Coach JP and Assistant Varsity Coach, Travis Smith have a passion for teaching the skills and drills every little baller needs to succeed on the court and progress to the Varsity level and beyond. Travis started his career here at Porter-Gaud beside NBA star, Khris Middleton. He then continued on to play at the collegiate level for Presbyterian College and Mercer. Travis has been cultivating his skills for years which afforded him amazing opportunities to play professionally while traveling the world to Germany, China, Brazil, Guatemala, and Canada. If your child is serious about becoming a better basketball player, building their skills to the next level and getting to know the Varsity Coaches (and them getting to know you), than this is a cant miss program.

Bricks 4 Kids: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Each Bricks for Kids – “B4K” program teaches an aspect of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). B4K After-School workshops give students the opportunity to strengthen their skills in these subject areas by teaching Science and Math concepts.

The following course projects will be offered this Spring 2018 Semester:

Master Builder 101- We'll master our project kits & robotics materials as we discuss various types of movement & motion by embarking on exciting building challenges! We'll experience movement in action, and the way things work as we become Master Builders.

Wheels in Motion- We will master concepts like rotation, acceleration, velocity, friction, and traction as we build Cars. Dragster, Trains, and more! It’s off to the races at Mason Prep!

Everything is Awesome- We’ll embrace Emmett’s positive attitude as we construct B4K’s most popular and most awesome models! Emmett and some of his LEGO® movie friends may even

All Junior Master Builders bring home a custom mini­figure from our Mini­Figure Factory (last day of the program) & all Arts & Crafts (day of completion).

All Materials will be provided!

Photo Illustrator and Graphic Design: (3:30-4:30PM, Grades 4-8)

What do billboards, signs, logos, websites, packaging, posters, and advertising have in common? Effective and eye-catching graphic design! You can make your own school projects and presentations stand out from the crowd by learning the basics of digital graphic design in this course. We’ll delve into hands-on projects using InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, software programs that are standard use for professionals in the field. In the process, we’ll explore fonts, colors, the basics of design and how to use digital editing tools. You’ll not only acquire practical, real-world skills but also have fun doing it! Students will also have the opportunity to work for school supported charities.

This program builds off of Graphic Design and takes it to the next level. New students will not feel behind if they did not participate last semester.

Apple laptop is required for this program. Parents must have Adobe subscription. Students will be able to work on their projects from home.

Instructor Caitilin McPhillips has three laptops that can be used for this program if needed. The first three that request them will have access.

Inventions Lab 2.0: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Do you love tinkering, building and creating? Come join new instructor James Farley as we tackle a weekly project that will entertain and educate your budding inventor.

Each day will introduce a brand new project and invention. Proper instruction and guidance will be provided, but the student will be the creator.

Some of the experiments will include building a Marshmallow Catapult, CD Hover Board, Popsicle Stick Boats, and many more!

Come join us as we learn about the world around us through science! All materials will be provided, but please bring your curiosity!

Chili Peppers: (3:30-4:30PM, Grades 3-6)

Chili Peppers: An Intro to Latin Dancing

Instructor - Georgia Grace Owner, Holy City Salsa

Is your child a fan of the hit song "Despacito" or hit show "Dancing with the Stars"? Do you want your child to experience a class that will burn up some energy, expose him or her to other cultures, teach a new skill, promote respect between peers, and be just plain fun? Then your kiddo is a Chili Pepper in the making! The Chili Peppers Youth Latin Dance Program will share the joy, excitement, and energy of these infectiously fun dances with children aged 4th-6th grade. Throughout the quarter, they'll learn the fundamentals of Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue...dances hailing from the Caribbean and danced world wide. They'll learn the history of the rhythms and the fundamental movements of these dances and how to dance them solo and with a partner. There is no dance experience, partner, or special shoes or equipment needed to take this class, just a willingness to learn!

Girls Run the World: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Girls Run the World is more than just running. Throughout the season the girls will make new friends, build confidence, and appreciate what makes them unique. For more information about this program please email instructors - Gretchen Tate, gtate@portergaud.edu and Ragan Wood, rwood@portergaud.edu.

Please join us in a 10-week session for a program modeled after Girls on the Run. This program is designed for grades 1-4 with a focus on developing confidence, character, and compassion, all while being active throughout the PG campus. Girls will meet each Wednesday outside the cafeteria and begin with a warm-up, a short lesson, and conclude with an exercise activity. They will be joined by Middle School and Upper School female students and other female faculty throughout the program who will be designated as their running buddies. We will conclude the program by running the Run for Adela on Sullivan's Island on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Program fee does not include this race registration.


Karate! (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Seha Karate Owner and Operator, Sensei Pettus, returns with his beginner Karate class. You will learn the basic fundamentals as well as self-defense techniques. The class will promote physical fitness and demonstrate respect for yourself and others. You will learn to practice self-control and you will have the opportunity to earn traditional belt advancement.

T-shirt, Belt and Key Chain all provided!

Come join us!

Girls Engineering Club: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Do you like to figure out solutions to problems you run into each day? Do you imagine inventions that will help you and your friends? If so, join Mrs. Clair to learn more about the exciting world of engineering! Each week, we will use the engineering design process to problem solve and create solutions to different challenges. Participants will be encouraged to revise their designs to come up with the best possible solution in the given time frame. (Engineering challenges are different each semester, so the challenges presented will be all new!)

Trackology Presents: 'Chutes and Ladders: (3:30-4:15PM, Grades 3-8) (Tu+Th)

This Spring 2018 we will introduce an instructional Track and Field Program aimed at teaching running techniques, developing speed and teaching some of the finer points of track and field

During this 6 week 12 session program (Tu+Th), students will learn the fundamentals of running and all things related to track. Students will learn how to run faster and jump farther and will be given the tools, such as parachutes, to test them physically and propel them forward.

There is no speed or time requirement and the only prerequisite is a great attitude with a willingness to improve!

On Your Mark. Get set. Go!!!

All New Adventures with Palmetto Clayground: (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 1-4)

Meri Stanec returns with an all new versionof her popular Palmetto Clayground program.

Do you think you can build a helicopter to fly Peter Pan’s friends to Neverland? Can you create a raft to float 3 Billy Goats Gruff across the river to avoid the troll’s bridge? How about designing a bow and arrow (q-tip) to carry a string across a river so the Gingerbread man can escape? Each fairytale-based problem will be solved with creative thinking and building, analysis, measuring, and competition, and will be followed the next week with an art project.

The art projects consist of canvas painting, bisque pottery painting, or glass fusion techniques. A typical sequence might be: reading Billy Goats Gruff, engineering a wind-powered raft, holding a competition to see whose raft will carry the most weight, and the following week creating a boat using glass fusion!

All materials will be provided!

Middle School Flag Football: (3:30-4:30PM, Grades 5-6)

Porter-Gaud is offering a unique and fun opportunity to participate in a Flag Football and Fundamentals program designed for grades 5 and 6.

This is a great opportunity to advance skills, fine tune techniques and have a lot of fun. If your child has any interest in joining our Bantam team in 6th grade, or has a desire for a non-contact football program than this is the ideal situation. Participants will develop skills that will give themselves, and our teams, a huge advantage when the time comes to play Cyclone Football!

All flags, supplies and materials will be provided. This program has the potential of competing against other Flag Football Programs in the area. Students will be able to develop their sportsmanship and team player attitudes.

PG Chess Club: (3:30-4:30PM, Grades 1-8)

Come learn the "Game of Kings" and develop focus, forethought, and problem solving. Research shows that students who study chess score better in math and English, have enhanced critical and creative thinking, and have more confidence and self-control. No matter your skill level, you will have fun playing each week with students of similar talents. Invest in your future, and join us for a semester learning a beneficial hobby you can enjoy for the rest of your life! This Chess Club will allow students and opportunity to work on their skills with opponents of similar level, while they fine tune their competition and level of understanding. Aaron Lipka and team will provide instruction and direction to take your game to the next level, while providing a fun atmosphere.


World Cup Soccer (3:00-4:00PM, Grades 3-4)

World Cup Soccer:

GOALLLLLL!!!!! Join this competitive soccer program offered to 3rd and 4th grade soccer fanatics. The program is designed to advance soccer fundamentals in a fun and competitive environment as well as unite Porter-Gaud players. Students will learn and practice foot skills, passing, striking, defending as well as intelligent game strategy. After three sessions of practice and evaluation, players will be placed on an international team of 3 or 4 and compete in a mock World Cup tournament! All participants will receive a t-shirt jersey.

Coached by PE Teacher and Coach Cameron Brown