Extended Day

Hours of Operation: 2:45-5:45 PM Regular School Days | 843-402-4679

We all lead busy lives. Between working, maintaining a household, getting the chores done, running errands and enjoying a little free time, it may be challenging to pick up your child by the end of the school day. Porter-Gaud offers a well-rounded Extended Day program for parents who need a little extra time in the afternoons.

The Extended Day staff seeks to provide a continuation of the school day with fun, learning, care and safety in mind. The program offers students time to complete homework, enjoy various developmentally appropriate activities and eat snacks. The children spend time outdoors every good weather day for physical activity and social time. Students enjoy board/card games, arts and crafts, organized sports games and much more. They enhance their creativity and imagination as well as communication and social skills. Students have a unique opportunity to connect with fellow classmates and become more comfortable with the school as a whole, and the Extended Day staff is proud of the development we see first hand.

The Extended Day program offers several options for attendance. Parents can enroll children monthly every day or three days a week. If your child just needs to drop-in please update Dismissal Manager and we will check them in at 3:00pm.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Extended Day, please complete the document below. A completed application is not necessary for drop-in students.

Information and Application

Please call (843)402-4679, or e-mail jferrelli@portergaud.edu if you have any questions.

Extended Day Staff


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Director of the Extended Day Program