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2018-19 Back-to-School Information

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Upper School

Middle School

Lower School

This information is also available under the I AM A CURRENT PARENT tab. Please click on Parent Portal and then select Important Files. You do not need login credentials to access this page, although login credentials have been emailed to parents.



Contact Information

Summer Work

Below are the required summer work assignments for all new students by division and grade level.


2019-2020 Upper School Summer Work will be posted the week of Memorial Day.

2019-2020 Middle School Summer Work will be posted the first week of June.

2019-2020 Lower School Summer Work will be posted on May 30.

Course Selection

Lower School

Lower School Scheduling
Lower School students receive letters of welcome from their homeroom teachers in early August and are given their schedules on the first day of school. There is no placement testing in the Lower School.

Middle School

Middle School Scheduling
For students coming into the Middle School (5th - 8th) in the Fall, we will use the placement tests with our current curricular data to place students in the proper world language and math classes. May 1 and beyond: Middle School scheduling conversations: Contact Sheila Smith (843) 402-4772 in the Middle School to schedule your meeting with Middle School Head, Maureen Daily.

Upper School

Upper School Scheduling
For students coming into the Upper School (9th - 11th) in the Fall, we will use the placement tests with our current curricular data to place students in the proper world language and math classes. Additionally, families will need to schedule a meeting with Brad Gilman, the Upper School Head, to complete the scheduling process. Those meetings may be scheduled beginning April 25. May 1 and beyond: Upper School scheduling conversations: Contact Becca Weil (843) 402-4710 in the Upper School to schedule your family's meeting with Upper School Head, Brad Gilman.

School Supplies

  • Lower School supplies are included in tuition.
  • Middle School supply lists will be posted the first week of June.
  • Upper School supply lists will be provided by faculty at new student orientation in August.

Summer Camps

Porter-Gaud offers a wide variety of highly-popular summer camp programs. Please take advantage of these opportunities for your child(ren) to meet some of their new classmates and become more familiar with the campus.

We especially recommend the Jump Start to First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade camps for our new students. These week-long camps provide students with the chance to get to know their future teachers, brush up academic skills which may have become a little rusty over the summer, and learn their way around the campus. Be sure to register soon--the available spaces go quickly! Click here for information on all summer camps.


Porter-Gaud requires uniforms. Please click the links below for 2017-18 uniform guidelines by division.

US Uniform Guidelines US Uniform Buying Guide

MS Uniform Guidelines MS Uniform Buying Guide


LS Uniform Guidelines LS Uniform Buying Guide

**We will host a used uniform sale on August 1 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in Washington Dining Hall. Families can purchase gently used uniforms for the year at a drastically reduced cost.

2018-19 Student Handbooks

Upper School Handbook

The 2019-2020 Upper School Handbook will be available the first week of school. 

Middle School Handbook

Lower School Handbook


Communications Calendar

Lower School

  • 1st Week of June:
    • Summer reading lists for Grades 2-4 (not for Grade 1) and math facts practice sheets
    • Uniform guidelines and a suggested buying guide
    • A list of important contacts (people/roles/contact information)
    • Upcoming dates
  • Beginning of July:
    • Letter from Lower School Head Julie Ellison with information about the upcoming school year (e.g., the schedule for the first day of school, carpool information, the Extended Day Program, school supplies, etc.)
  • Around August 8:
    • Letter from homeroom teacher
  • Beginning of August:
    • Letter from Julie Ellison: welcome new teachers, reminder about summer reading, things to look forward to, and a link to first-day forms"

Middle School


·         Athletic information for 2019-2020 school year

 1st Week of June: 

·         Summer Reading expectations for grades 5-8

·         Math Work posted to our website

·         Notification of Math placement

·         Uniform Guidelines (link to purchase through Lands’ End)

·         Supply Lists for grades 6-8 *supplies are provided for Grade 5

 1st Week of August:

·         Back to School Orientation Invitation: (Thursday, August 15th)

·         Student Schedules, including advisors and lockers

·         Drop In Technology Help and iPad set up

·         Student-Parent Handbook and Parent Guidebook available for viewing and signing

·         Used uniform sale

Start of the School Year:

·         Winterim Offerings

·         Clubs and Organizations Sign-ups for Students

·         Invitation to Parents Night (Wednesday, September 4th)

·         Weekly emails to parents on Wednesdays

·         Daily Announcements to students

Important Dates for 2019-2020:

·         Middle School Exams:  Early Dismissal

o   December 16 20

o   June 1-3

·         Middle School Winterims

o   During the week of January 4th – 10th

·         Middle School Class Trips:  Late April/Early May

o    5th grade – Green River Preserve

o   6th grade – Williamsburg

o    7th grade- DC

o   8th grade- North Carolina Outward Bound

Upper School

Porter-Gaud Bus Service

Porter-Gaud offers bus service through SchoolWheels Direct for families living in Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's Island, Isle of Palms, and Daniel Island. Click here for information.

Parent Organizations

Parents Guild

The Porter-Gaud Parents Guild assists the Board of Trustees, Administration and Faculty in creating the best possible educational experience for our children. It further endeavors to promote a close relationship and clear understanding between the school and our families.

All parents or guardians of students enrolled at Porter-Gaud are considered members of the Parents Guild. The Guild strives to utilize the talents and services of its families to enhance our children's educational environment and to provide services, materials and funding to the school and its community. A wide variety of opportunities exist to support our students and the school by actively volunteering to work in the many service and fundraising projects that take place throughout the year. Whatever time you can give is extremely valuable. Parents Guild activities are coordinated and implemented by the Parent Guild Steering Committee which consists of the Executive Committee and the Committee Coordinators. The Steering Committee functions as the Parents Guild Board of Directors. Board meetings are held monthly. The Parents Guild hosts numerous events including; fundraisers, coffees, receptions for visitors, and student treat days, to name a few. General Membership meetings are held three times per year and parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and participate.

The funds raised each year by the Parents Guild are returned to the school in a variety of ways. A Summer Grant Program for Educators is in place. "Wishes" are granted to Administration, Faculty and Staff through the "Wish List" requests each Spring. Additionally, contributions are made to special projects as the need arises in the school community.

Fathers Association

If you’ve been to a Cyclone football game, you've seen the Fathers Association in action. Members of the Fathers Association sell concessions throughout the year in support the of the Athletic Program. They publish sports programs supported by local advertisers. They also organize opportunities for PG fathers to get together at various social events throughout the year. While enjoying the camaraderie of other fathers, they raise funds for athletic and other programs. They've carved out an important niche for themselves, enriching the life at Porter-Gaud. The purpose of the Association is to cooperate with the Administration and Faculty in every effort to broaden and strengthen existing programs.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Fathers Association is to support programs that result in a more rewarding experience for Porter-Gaud student-athletes. These programs are aimed at improving student and Parent participation and enjoyment of athletics at Porter-Gaud, and include both fund raising and non-fund raising activities.

The PGFA also cultivates a sense of community among the fathers who join and actively participate in PGFA events by maintaining a core operating principle of having fun while serving Porter-Gaud and its families.

Lower School Parent Connection

The mission of the LS Parent Connection is to build community in the Lower School, strengthen parent relationships, create a supportive and inclusive community, increase ways to communicate--about school, by grade, among parents, partner with the school, and provide a forum for discussion and feedback. For more information contact parents Dee Fortson at deirdrefortson@gmail.com or Nikki Chao at nicole.t.chao@gmail.com.

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors are an integral part of Porter-Gaud’s admission and orientation program. They provide essential support to new families during their first year at the school and ensure that they are effectively integrated into the school community. Parent Ambassadors are valuable informational resources for new families and provide a supportive network to help foster, develop, and maintain a welcoming and inclusive school environment.

At the start of the summer, current parents volunteer to serve as Parent Ambassadors, indicating the grades in which they wish to welcome new families. From this group of Ambassadors, interested parents in each division (Lower, Middle, and Upper) may further offer to serve in a leadership capacity as the Ambassador Liaison(s) for their division. These Ambassador Liaisons will meet monthly with the Admission Office team throughout the year and will be responsible for checking in periodically with all of the PAs in their divisions to ensure that they are regularly connecting with their new families and welcoming them to major school events. They also will collect and share feedback about best practices, lessons learned, and ways to improve the program.