Life 101

What is Life 101?

Life 101 is the Middle School’s component of our school-wide Student Wellness Program. The Porter-Gaud Student Wellness Program is driven by the school’s core values of WATCH; Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Habits. Wellness is an active, ongoing process which involves becoming aware of and taking steps toward a healthier, happier, more successful life.

This program empowers students across all three divisions to acquire, integrate, and practice vital skills related to health and wellness in order to promote social growth and self-awareness. It’s focused on three specific areas which include; spiritual life, social and emotional learning, inclusion and diversity, and leadership.

Life 101 delivers student wellness through a curriculum of mini-courses, workshops, classroom lessons, speaker series, assemblies, presentations, and our school rituals and traditions.

Programming Topics

Week of September 19:

5th Grade Student Programming:

5th grade students continued to cycle through orientation activities. This morning's sessions focused on Study Skills, Organization, and Porter-Gaud Technology readiness.

6th Grade Seminars:

6th grade girls had their class with the organization My Remarkable Self. They worked to define traits that make someone a good friend and then behaviors that can impact friendships in a negative way. They closed out their class with the opportunity to share positive feedback with a peer, teacher, or family member who embodies positive friendship traits.

6th grade boys had their second class with Chris Tate, delving into "male" archetypes through the work of John Ehrmann.

7th Grade Mini Courses:

7th grade students continued to rotate through mini-courses on the following topics:

  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga
  • Friendships and Peer Relationships

8th - Speaker Series

  • Porter-Gaud Alumni Speakers:

Former Navy Seal and businessman Ben Pittard '01 delivered an inspiring presentation to our 8th graders this morning in Life 101. Using the themes of Navy Seal training, warts and social cliques, and the PG environment, Pittard inspired students to be brave in trying new things and new experiences at Porter-Gaud as he did. "You only get there by putting yourself out there. You have the support of your teachers, your administrators, your friends, so this is the time to do it."

Porter-Gaud Athletic Director Larry Salley '87 shared a similar message and stressed the importance of persevereance and fortitude. He shared his previous connection with Ben Pittard and how the experiences at Porter-Gaud will positively shape all of our students lives moving forward.

For more information about Life 101 programming, please contact Chris Tate, MS Dean at or 843.402.4759.