Life 101

What is Life 101?

Life 101 is the Middle School’s component of our school-wide Student Wellness Program. The Porter-Gaud Student Wellness Program is driven by the school’s core values of WATCH; Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Habits. Wellness is an active, ongoing process which involves becoming aware of and taking steps toward a healthier, happier, more successful life.

This program empowers students across all three divisions to acquire, integrate, and practice vital skills related to health and wellness in order to promote social growth and self-awareness. It’s focused on three specific areas which include; spiritual life, social and emotional learning, inclusion and diversity, and leadership.

Life 101 delivers student wellness through a curriculum of mini-courses, workshops, classroom lessons, speaker series, assemblies, presentations, and our school rituals and traditions.

Programming Topics

Week of March 12:

5th Grade Girls: Our 5th grade female students worked with local mindfulness instructor Jennifer Marvel. Our students learned stress management techniques and how to build self-esteem through powerful "I am" statements.

5th Grade Boys: Our 5th grade male students worked with counseling professional Kyle Lawton on techniques for managing social conflict, self-regulation, and determining the best ways to react to conflict.

6th Grade Girls: Girls worked with the organization MyRemarkable Self. This group partners with our students in learning techniques to support positive belief in self - socially, emotionally, and academically

7th Grade Students and 6th Grade Boys: Father Bryce led a discussion about how faith and science are not at odds with each other. He challenged students to examine how science asks the "how" things happen while faith exams the "why".

8th Grade Students: All 8th grade students will begin their series of meetings designed to prepare them for Upper School. This week's meeting is with Porter-Gaud's Upper School Dean Anne Frazier and Upper School Counselor Fran Ridgell, who both answered questions students had and provided an overview of Upper School student life.

Week of March 5: This week, our 5th-8th grade girls will engage with our Upper School "Girls In" leadership. In small groups facilitated by the Upper School students and faculty and staff members, our girls will focus on lessons of confidence and explore what real beauty actually is.

Steve Palmer will be talking to 7th and 8th grade boys. He spoke at TedEx here locally, and is the founder of the Indigo Road Company that started some of the best restaurants in Charleston (Indaco, O'Ku, Oak, Macintosh, and others) and the Southeast. He also created a support group called Ben's Friends to promote sobriety and help support those who struggle with addiction in the restaurant industry. There are chapters in Charleston, Raleigh and Atlanta (se more info below). Steve will be talking to our 7th and 8th grade boys about making good decisions in the face of peer pressure.

5th and 6th grade boys worked with Kyle Lawton who does great work with Meeting Street Academy on social and emotional learning. She worked today with all 5th grade boys on emotional recognition and regulation, while Coach Dodds lead a workshop based on the documentary Eye of Storm which speaks of how discrimination and bias is taught and learned and not an inherent trait we are born with

For more information about Life 101 programming, please contact Chris Tate, MS Dean at or 843.402.4759.