For Porter-Gaud students, The Lyceum offers tutoring and enrichment both during the day and after school. Housed in the Middle School library, The Lyceum creates an environment perfect for reinforcement of classroom learning, building executive functioning skills, help with homework, and PSAT / SAT / ACT / TOEFL Prep.

The Lyceum is now offering its services to all students in the greater Charleston area, both at the Porter-Gaud campus from 3:15-5:30 pm and at the O'Quinn School in Mount Pleasant from 4:00-6:00 p.m.


One-to-one, $60.00/sessions are offered during study hall or after school for P-G students. Subjects include the following:

Reading, including Orton-Gillingham method; writing and grammar; SAT/ACT Prep; Math (6th Grade-Calculus BC); Science; History; French; Spanish; Chinese; Latin, Math and Writing Enrichment


$50/session for individual tutoring in PSAT and SAT reading, writing and math; ACT reading, writing, math and science.


The Lyceum will again offer exam preparation help on the evenings and weekend(s) before exams. We will extend our regular hours during the week leading up to the first exam and maintain extended hours through the last exam.

All exam prep sessions are billed at $60.00 and are individual sessions unless you request a group session. Group sessions are $35/student for two students; $25/student for three.  We provide students with the study guides from their teachers, flashcards, study schedule calendars, study tips, and snacks and drinks.


We offer enrichment classes in math, writing, Chinese, and Spanish after school.

DROP-IN HELP for Math and English

Drop-in help (short clarification) for Math and English is available during study hall at no charge.


We will also be open throughout the summer, Monday through Thursday, for summer packet work, enrichment, test prep, and reinforcement of skills. Tutors and teachers will be available to work with your child on math, reading (including Orton-Gillingham), writing, history, science, French, Spanish, Latin, and Chinese, in all levels ranging from 1st grade to AP. Summer hours will be from 9:00-12:00, Monday through Thursday.

Please contact Deborah Reinhold at, Angela McSwain at, or the Lyceum office at 843-402-4691 to arrange tutoring or exam prep.

Please contact the Lyceum at 843.402.4691 or with any questions or to reserve a time.

Lyceum Tutors

Tutors for Grades 1-6

Susan Brown: Academic coach with 9 years of teaching and tutoring experience, Albertus Magnus BA in art therapy, and a certification in Special Education K-12. Lower, Middle, through 7th grade academic coaching

Marley Drayton: Retired PG Lower School teacher and counselor, 45 years’ experience; BA, MEd Elementary Education, Converse College and University of South Carolina; academic coaching; history, English, science tutoring for Lower School and Middle School

Lou Evans: Retired PG Lower School teacher with 43 years’ experience; degree in political science from Converse College, minor in Education, K-8; Lower and middle school math through 6th, and all subjects in lower school

Eleanor Hurtes: Retired PG Lower School teacher with thirty-six years of teaching experience and four years of tutoring experience; BA, Elementary Education, Winthrop; MEd, the Citadel; former Co-Director of the Lyceum; former Admissions Director; ESL certification; all Lower School subjects and Middle School English, reading, history, and math through 6.

Jane McGreevy: Third grade classroom teacher, five years; four-year old preschool teacher; MEd Early Childhood Education

Marie Renton: Twenty-three years’ experience as classroom teacher (10) and vice-principal (13). BA in marketing, French and Spanish; Postgrads in Elementary Education; Early Childhood, Social, Emotional, Behavioral Difficulties; Management in Education; and Intro Headship.

Tutors for Grades 7-12

Mike Bedard: Retired GE chemical engineer; BS Chemical Engineering from Northeastern; Member Emeritus, American Chemical Society; experienced math, physics, and chemistry tutor, 15 years; math enrichment

Evan Bailey: College of Charleston Honors College graduate (2018), Presidential Scholar all four years; member of the Cougar varsity basketball team; major in Chemistry; available to tutor math or science, 3 years’ experience tutoring

Christian Conaty: College of College of Charleston (2018); Currently a student at the Charleston School of Law; available to tutor Spanish, history, English

Alexis Eiland: MS- Secondary Mathematical Education, Columbia University; MS Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania; Experienced upper level math tutor and teacher, with two years teaching in upper school and three as a math instructor in community college; Six years’ tutoring experience. Middle School and Upper School math through FST and pre-calculus.

Wilson Ford: Honors College of College of Charleston (2018); English major; taking a gap year before Med School. Available to tutor math, science, English or history

Angela McSwain: Math and biology tutor with twenty-one years of teaching and tutoring experience; BS and MEd Early Childhood Education; all Middle School and Upper School math, through FST; and biology; Assistant Director of the Lyceum

Jessica Orcutt: Porter-Gaud (2010) and Skidmore (2014) graduate with a degree in history. Tufts art history certification.

Jenny Pringle: BA English, UGA; Masters in English, C of C, and 15 years’ experience teaching, several using Orton-Gillingham; English instructor at the College of Charleston; English, History, O-G, academic coaching;

David Rieder: Porter-Gaud (2011) and Duke (2015) graduate; professional writer for Swimming World; available to tutor English, History, and math.

Susie Rieder: Retired Porter-Gaud Middle School math teacher; BBA, Accounting, Emory University; MA, math Education, Teachers College, Columbia University; available to tutor math on Mondays and Tuesdays

Chelsea Sealy:  Former Porter-Gaud Latin teacher; Five years teaching experience; BA Ancient Languages; Masters of Arts in Teaching; available on Mondays and Tuesdays for Latin

Travis Smith—Porter-Gaud and Presbyterian College graduate; three years’ experience tutoring; all Middle School and Upper School academic coaching; all Middle School subjects, most Upper School subjects (available for exam prep only)

Faculty Tutors-- after school

Paige Baran, reading

Stephen Barnes, Spanish

Walker Bruce, Chemistry

Haley Cantey, reading, math 1-3

Meagan Collins, Physics

Katie Donahue, Lower School math

Christianne Gates, History

Emma Greenwell, French

Barbara Kelly, Reading grades 2-3, math, 1-6

Aaron Lehman, English

Judy Lycke, Biology

Natanya Miller, Lower School Reading, Math

Kelly Roth, 1-3

Meredith Sallee, Lower School

Peyton Sasnett, Science

Jane Settle, Life Science

Margaret Sikes, reading

Gretchen Tate, Biology and Chemistry

Amanda Thomas, 4-5

Rebecca Wade, Reading Specialist