Quarter 2 WATCH Recipients: Ben Rosen, Turner Long, Isaac Cherry, Anna Lehman, Sophie Levenson, Ellis Chang, Emily Sperry, Reagan Gwynette, Nina Radovanovic, Elizabeth Kelley, Abby Bluestein, Caroline Schools, and (not pictured) Emily Ibsen

Ben Rosen is responsible and mature - a natural leader. He is focused, considerate, and takes a proactive approach to all he does. Ben displays good sportsmanship during recess and is a wonderful addition to his class.

Turner Long's teachers recognize the hard work he puts in day to day to do well in his classes, but also that Turner goes out of his way to help others in class. He takes on more responsibility, leads by example, and aids others when in need. He always quietly helps leave the classroom nicer looking than when his class walked in. Turner also consistently displays impeccable manners.

Isaac Cherry's teachers describe him as polite, considerate, and kind! Issac is always helping out his classmates when needed, and he is an absolutely amazing student. What a great addition to this class!

Anna Lehman's teachers describe her as always conscientious, eager to help out, and a leader by example. Anna goes out of her way to make eye contact and really listen to what others are saying. She is diligent and respectful and always tries her best.

Sophie Levenson's letters to both a veteran and his wife during Philanthropy week moved all who read it. She has been a leader with the school newspaper and also recently helped Ms. Sanders in facilitating a peer conflict with some of our younger middle school students. She is a leader in all the right ways.

Ellis Chang was commended for his leadership during Philanthropy week. He serves as a positive role model to students both in his grade and those younger students who participated in the activity that day. Ellis stayed behind, giving up his free time, to help teachers straighten up the dining hall. He is always polite to adults and strives to do his best in all he does.

Emily Sperry's teachers describe her as positive, organized, and well-mannered. She is a great classmate, going out of her way to help others in need!

Reagan Gwynette's teachers describe her as sweet, helpful, positive, dedicated, and fun! She's a great peacemaker between her classmates, and she is passionate in her studies.

Nina Radovanovic is described by her teachers as always dependable, whether in homeroom or in her academic classes. She always has her homework, her class behavior choices are a good example to others, and she tries her absolute best in all she does.

Elizabeth Kelley is always prepared for class and hard-working in all that she does. She consistently displays a refreshing positivity and volunteers to help her teachers whenever needed. Elizabeth is a kind friend to all!

Abby Bluestein's teachers describe her as proactive in everything she does - whether in academics or getting involved with activities in the classroom and around campus. Abby will ask questions when needed and go the extra mile for extra help and work to deepen her understanding of concepts. Abby is noted by her teachers as polite and kind.

Caroline Schools is always prepared and on task in classroom, and also kind to everyone around her. She regularly offers to help clean and organize classroom or assist teachers in any way they may need. She is seen as a positive role model for other students in the classroom. One of her teachers says, "Caroline is a shining example every day, consistently." Caroline is a wonderful addition to her class.

Emily Ibsen (not pictured) is noted by her teachers as always going the extra mile to help out others. She is responsible and reliably on task, which makes turning to her for leadership an obvious choice for both students and teachers.

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5th Grade

Matteo Tozzi's teachers describe him as a steady student, always willing to help peers in the classroom when a concept comes more easily to him. Matteo consistently sets a positive example for his peers and is an excellent model of the WATCH principles both in advisory and in classes.

Astrid Hildell is a great student in so many ways. She has a positive attitude, helpful to teachers and peers, and she influences others in a positive way. Astrid is kind and engaged at all times.

6th grade

Gray Holland is encouraging, patient, and helpful to his classmates. He has a great attitude and he is always positive!

Sarah Grace Champagne is courteous, friendly, responsible, and leads by a great example, as a student and as a person. She is excited to learn and grow!


DeeDee Lucas is always prepared for class, willing to help her classmates, and enthusiastic about learning. She shows leadership potential in both advisory and her classes. Dee Dee consistently helps her peers in class and has a positive attitude every day!

Ethan Lehrman is kind, polite, patient, and mature. He chooses his words carefully. He puts forth his best efforts in class. He is excellent in class, well behaved, always contributing constructively to the class discussions, and serves as a positive example to his peers.

8th grade

Sarah Allen is the first student to offer to help a classmate. She has impeccable manners and is always "all in" with everything she does.

Miriam Woodhull is cited by her teachers as prepared, participatory, and a leader in the classroom. Miriam was also observed stepping in to help a student who was having a conflict with another student. She is a leader in all the right ways.

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This week we celebrate our first annual WATCH week. WATCH week honors our School's founding touchstones of WATCH (Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character, and Habits) and the many ways that this informs our mission and vision today.

Our programming for the week includes:

Monday-Friday - advisory quotes/videos/discussion questions; student signing of the WATCH pledge.

Wednesday - Life 101: The Matsiko Orphan Choir will perform for our Middle School students. This choir was created with children from Peru, Liberia and India, who share their lives and culture through song and dance, and connect their hearts with audiences across the United States.
Chapel and Jewish Life- themed around the concept of WATCH

Thursday - Study Hall mini courses - 6th grade - lesson on Empathy, 7th and 8th grade - how we develop our core beliefs and values in a way that's inclusive.

Additionally,we'd like to share some discussion questions and suggested readings you may use at home to prompt conversations about cultivating empathy! You may use these questions to engage your middle school student in discussions to promote positive behavior and kind treatment of all.

1. Name some actions that show you're being sensitive to people's feelings.
2. How does it make you feel when people show they understand what you're going through? How does it feel to help someone by showing compassion?
3. Why is it important for people to empathize with others?
4. What images of empathy do you see around you on TV and in the movies?
5. What does this saying mean? "Don't criticize someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes."

Here are some novels you may want to read with your middle school student:

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