Life 101: Wednesday, September 5th:

5th Grade Student Programming:

5th grade students will cycle through several sessions as a part of a Middle School Orientation. This morning's sessions focused on Study Skills, Organization, and Porter-Gaud Technology readiness.

6th Grade Seminars:

6th grade girls began their 4 week cycle of classes with the organization My Remarkable Self. They worked to define self esteem and talk about ways we build each other up rather than harm another person's self- esteem.

6th grade boys began their 4 week cycle of classes with Chris Tate, with a focus on building positive self esteem and peer relationships.

7th Grade Mini Courses:

Over the next 4 weeks, 7th grade students will rotate through minicourses on the following topics:

  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga
  • Friendships and Peer Relationships
  • Generation Rx -MUSC's prevention program relating to the abuse of prescription medications.

8th - Speaker Series

  • 8th Grade Team Trivia & Fun Facts
    Students learned more about their academic team this year as a step in establishing connections with their teachers. Students then had the opportunity to share what they wish their faculty knew about them!