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Net Classroom

Net Classroom is your personalized online portal to grades and other information. It gives students and parents 24/7 access to grades in each class, conduct, attendance records and other records. Report cards will also be published to Net Classroom at the end of each marking period and after mid-term exams and are no longer mailed home unless requested. Accounts for logging on to the site have been set up for each parent and student, and the information about the site is below. All parents are strongly encouraged to visit the site regularly to check on their child’s progress and to contact the class teacher should they have any questions or concerns regarding his or her progress in a class.

Here is a link to a Net Classroom user guide to help you navigate within the site. Please be aware that we don’t use all the features in Net Classroom.

Net Classroom can be accessed by clicking the link below. It is suggested that you add it to your favorites to make it easier to access on a regular basis.


Porter-Gaud Website

The Porter-Gaud website is a powerful tool to help you stay organized and informed during the school year. We wanted to send some instructions that will hopefully make your website experience easier. Please take a few minutes and read the items below to make your transition easier.

1. You need to log in when you visit many places on the site. Your username and password will be the same for the website and NetClassroom. If you forgot your login credentials, please use the “Need help signing in” option. It will ask you to enter your email address. As long as the address you enter matches what we have in the system for you, it will email your username and password.

2. Once you log in, the system knows who you are and who your children are. In the Parent Portal, (where you land after clicking “I am a Current Parent”) you will only see information that is specific to you! The classes section of the Parent Portal will populate with the classes your children are enrolled in. If you only visit one place on the website, make sure it is the Parent Portal!

3. The announcements you see are specific to your connection with the School. We now post announcements based on a specific audience. For instance, 9th grade parents will not see announcements for 7th grade parents. With that being said, please pay close attention to anything in your announcements stream. You no longer have to filter through content you don’t need to find what you want to see. If it is there, it is for you!

4. Important documents and forms will be housed on the Parent Portal under the Handbooks/Files/Forms Tab. These files will be organized by division and will be available all year.

5. We want you to have quick and easy access to the places you use the most. Dropdown menus below each relationship menu are specific to the places we know these constituents consistently use. This makes for easier navigation across the site.

6. Most calendars on the site can be added to your personal calendars either on a mobile device or a web calendar. There is integration through iCal feeds, Google Calendar Sync, and Outlook. When you are on the calendars page, found in the footer of each page or in many of the dropdowns, you have an icon in the upper right of the calendar (a set of 3 curved lines) to export the calendars. Once you click on the icon, you can export as iCal Feeds. Once you choose that option, you have choices for how you pull in your iCal feed into your personal calendar (iCal File, Google Calendar, Default Calendar like Outlook or Apple Calendar). Choose what best works for you.

7. You also have the option of setting up email and text alerts for calendars by clicking the “Alerts” tab on the calendar page. The website will send you reminders about events via email or text message if you would like. If you subscribe to iCal feeds, this may cause duplicate notifications, but the option is there is this is your preferred method for notifications. You can also request alerts for a specific event by clicking the yellow bell next to the event on the calendar. For text alerts, you can either choose a phone number we have for you or enter a new one. Text and data rates do apply!

8. The Parent/Student directory can be found both on the website (under the current parent dropdown) and on the mobile platform. You have to be logged in as a parent to see the directory to assure your information stays secure.

9. You have control over what pieces of your information show in the directory. When you are logged in on the Parent Portal, you will see a bar on the top of the screen with your name on the left-hand side. When you tap your name, a menu with a few options will pop up. Click on the “Profile” option. Your information, by default, is visible to parents and faculty when they are logged in. If there are any pieces of information you do not want to show in the directory, you can click the underlined link (Home, Mobile Phone, etc.) next to that information. Once you click on it, you will have the option to override the default and hide it from everyone. This way, you control what people see! Keep in mind, parents use this to find your information when planning events, so only hide information you don’t want other parents to see. The online directory is searchable by several categories, and you can search students by grade level. You can even search students or parents who live in your zip code if the need arises for a carpool! The directory also functions on the Mobile version, although searching is only by role (all, Faculty & Staff, student or parent) or by first or last name using the search field. You can update your biographical information using this system. When you make a change, it will automatically notify us so we can make the changes in our other systems.

10. Porter-Gaud also has a dedicated app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) on the App Store. This app will help you stay organized and informed while on the go! You can download it by clicking here, or just search the App Store for “Porter-Gaud." You will have to log in using your website credentials, but once you do, the app will customize content for you. If you turn on the "Remember Me" option when you log in, you will not be required to log in again. Once installed, it will take you on a brief tutorial to show you around the app. You can find calendars, news, directories, announcements, and have quick access to your child(ren)'s assignments.

11. The website can be added as an icon to your phone/tablet. Visit on your phone, use the “Share to your homescreen” option within the mobile browser.

Please explore the website and App. They are filled with important information about the life of the school and is updated often. Please let me know if you have any questions. We want the website and iOS App to help you stay informed about your child’s educational experience.

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