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Computer Science Students Finish the Semester in Shark Tank Competition

Each semester, Computer Science III students compete in Shark Tank pitching their virtual reality games, simulation, and app concepts to a group of judges or "sharks" from around the country and the world. Each judge receives $7,000 in play money to "invest" in the most marketable, relevant, and well-designed projects. The competition was in-person and several judges joined in on Google Meet. 

A few of the 14 student projects included:

Anna Lehman '23 developed a simulation to improve law enforcement's ability to assess crimes.

Emily Ibsen '23 developed a life-saving first aid skills game for children and adults. 

Patton Galloway '23 created a virtual reality history tour of the Greek Pantheon. 

Charles Black '23 created a driving simulator for new drivers to improve teen driving safety records. 

Henry Lewis '23 built a research simulation for aspiring scientists. 

For the full list of student projects, CLICK HERE

Judges included local and national tech executives and software engineers from Microsoft UK., Texas Instruments,  Atlanta International School, Walt Disney Company,  Microsoft US, and TED Theater. 

PG alumni also joined the judge's panel this year including Jake MacDonald '20 (Wofford), Parker Cline '19 (Minerva), Amanda Billings '16 from Microsoft, and Katherine Ham '13 from Walt Disney Co. 

The winning project was from Henry Lewis '23 titled "Becoming a Cancer Researcher." Watch the research simulation HERE







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