In addition to the preschool curriculum, there are two semesters of “supplements” offered after preschool and kindergarten hours. These extracurricular classes are: Tumble Time, Karate, Drama, Sports, SEA Kids, Wee Little Arts, Kids in the Kitchen, Yoga, Spanish and Soccer.


Miss Heidi's Tumble Time

Tumble Time is an exciting combination of gymnastics, coordination, and basic body movement incorporated with rhymes and music specifically for children 2 to 6 years old. Children are taught gymnastics skills in progression on junior-sized Olympic style equipment. Owner/instructor Heidi Davidson has specialized in instructing preschool gymnastics for over 20 years. She is USAG safety certified and a nationally recognized Kinder Accredited Instructor.
Heidi Davidson, | (843)-324-7999


David and Anne Pettus, owners of the School of Empty Hand Art, will open the world of karate to children while exercising their minds and bodies. “Focus” and “discipline” are buzz-words you will hear in these classes. Karate t-shirts and pants are available for sale if desired.
David & Anne Pettus, | (843)-762-4311


Drama Rama

Drama students are encouraged to express themselves through creative movement and music, costume dress up, storytelling, and puppetry. Children interact in a group and gain self-confidence through playing games and encouraging each other. Drama increases awareness of self and others and expands our imaginations while having fun! Andria Bradley,

Super Sports

It’s the wide world of sports! Perfect for active 2 to 5 years of age, children learn about and play multiple sports throughout the school year. We want children to experience how much fun playing sports and staying fit can be. Each week’s activities are new as we throw, catch, run, jump, use our imaginations, exercise, and learn to love the games. Some of the sports we will coach include: football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, track & field, cheer and more.
Melanie Slattery, | (803)-446-1257


SEA Kids (Science, Engineering, and Art)

Join in the weekly adventure as SEA Kids bring simple stories to life! We will explore these stories by making cool projects and engage in hands-on learning. The activities are planned to inspire natural inquiry and enhance a foundation in science, engineering and art. Children who tinker and create will build a brighter tomorrow!
Pam Cozart,

Wee Little Arts

Wee Little Arts is a visual arts curriculum for young children. Students are exposed to the building blocks of art education. Art history and children’s literature will play a major role in introducing the simple, yet necessary, elements of line, shape, color and texture. Students are encouraged to focus on observation of their environment as they begin to utilize drawing to create works of art. Fundamental elements of design are introduced and applied. A variety of media will be introduced to inspire experimentation. Examining traditional masterpieces as well as the work of contemporary artists, students will continually be exposed to other artists’ work. Vocabulary, use of materials, discussion, imagination, and creation are only some of the wonderful components for our preschool artists.
Melissa Bradshaw, | (843)-345-8174

Dancing Stars

Stretch-n-Grow’s certified dance instructors will have the children dancing all semester long as they prepare for their onsite recital, The Nutcracker & Sugar Plum Fairy. Dancing Stars is a developmental dance class that incorporates ballet technique, posture, balance, gross and fine motor development, flexibility, grace, poise and FUN! Designed to give our little ones a foundation for dance, jazz and ballet.
Rebecca Bott, | (843)-697-6411


Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is a hands-on learning experience! Without even realizing, children are exposed to math, science, and reading as they measure, mix, and prepare recipes. The children enjoy getting messy and sticky with their creative culinary concoctions.
Johannah Morgan,

Little Yoga Sprouts

Alice Cinnante, owner, loves teaching pre-school yoga. “It’s a wonderful age to begin. They learn healthy habits to last a lifetime.” You’ll hear children’s laughter and conversation in class, while learning the three B’s of yoga: Brain (mindfulness), Body (poses for strength/flexibility/balance), and Breath (techniques to relax/ energize). Additionally, you’ll see peaceful children resting on their mats, full of self-esteem and control at the end of class. Music, storytelling, acting, creative movement, partner poses, games, and more, are all part of the joyful experience.
Alice Cinnante,


Que Pasa - Spanish for Kids

Spanish is all about F-U-N and your child can show off some fabulous language skills! There will be singing, dancing, and game playing while learning Spanish along the way. Children will learn the days of the week, numbers, colors, animals, and seasons. Let’s get this fiesta started!
Gala Guiba Guerrero,, | (843)-742-2044


Jackson Soccer Development brings a fresh perspective to teaching children about the game of soccer. This is a high energy class filled with exciting twists on skill development. Emphasis is placed on building character through teamwork and spirited competition. Non-stop action and fun are guaranteed in each uniquely designed session. Athletic clothing and closed toe shoes requested. No cleats or shin guards needed. Training shirts are available for an additional charge.
Kevin Jackson, | (843)-628-1378