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Discovering who we are, together.

I received many emails last week from parents expressing gratitude and sharing positive feedback for the work done by our faculty and technology department to launch last Wednesday and Thursday as our first virtual learning days.  I wanted to thank you as well because without committed students and parents, the virtual school model couldn’t work. We will continue to assess our practices throughout this process to be sure we create learning opportunities for our students in the best way possible. 

Here is some information for the coming weeks: 

  • Students need to be available from 8:00-3:15 each day.  Although students will only have 2 zoom sessions per class, these sessions will be distributed throughout the 8:00-3:15 time frame.  

  • Attendance is required for all Zoom sessions.  Please contact Ms. Shapiro if your child is unable to attend for any reason.  Her email address is 

  •  Students should remain present for the entire Zoom session.

  • Students should not be on cell phones during Zoom sessions.  Texting or calling other students during the school day is also discouraged since they may be in Zoom class sessions during those times.

  • Students should avoid distracting their peers during Zoom sessions.  We ask that they show their own actual background or one of the background options from Zoom.   

  • Teachers will provide coursework students should complete for days they do not have actual  Zoom meetings.

  • Each week, by 6:00pm on Sunday evening, teachers will post class meeting times and the learning plan for the week. 

  • I will be available via phone or email throughout the 8:00-4:00pm time frame Monday through Friday should students (or you) have any questions.  We will also conduct grade level Zoom meetings with students at various points. 

Our grade level team leads are creating documents which have all of the class meeting times.  Additionally, there are templates students and parents may use to chart their schedules for the week.  I’ve attached two different examples of these to this email. In order to fill out these schedules, you’ll need your child’s current daily schedule, the Zoom session times for each teacher, and the template.  The grade level documents to complete these templates will be shared with students and parents prior to 6:00pm on Sunday. 

We understand the logistics of virtual school require patience and flexibility by all.  I know this Spring Break gives us a chance to enjoy family time and the beautiful weather outside.   The social distancing element is essential, although likely very challenging for this age group and their highly social nature!  Coupled with the unknown time frame and uncertain severity of the Coronavirus, this is a time of high stress for all of us. Please lean on the school as needed.  The Middle School Leadership team, Flo Sanders, Middle School Counselor, Henrietta Rivers, Middle School Chaplain, Chris Tate, Middle School Dean, and I are available to help in any way you or your family may need.   Please feel free to contact any of us at Porter-Gaud. Email is likely the best avenue at this time since many of us will not be working on campus.  

Be safe, stay healthy, and reach out with any questions.





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Enjoy this short video from Nurse Anna about the importance of social distancing, Service Director Gretchen Tate on the food drive, and our Head of School DuBose Egleston. 


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