Les Misérables...WOW!!!

Posted March 9, 2009

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the recent production of Les Misérables. Every show was absolutely breathtaking. The voices, acting. lighting, costumes, set, props and every aspect of the show were astounding. Audiences got to experience shows filled with passion and artistry. The show was produced and directed by Director of Fine Arts Nick LaCasse and he was assisted by a staff of several volunteers. You can view pictures of each performance by clicking here.

Mr. LaCasse would like to extend thanks to the following:

I would like to extend special thanks to the Production Team of Hugh Knight, Pam Fowler, Andrea de Vries, Brink Norton, Todd Monsell, Jeannie Gleaton, Alexis Tharp, Amy Stiglic, Carol Jaques, Donnajean Olson, and Fernando Rivas. A super job by all involved! A special “thank you” goes out to Deryl Farr (Plant Manager), for taking on the role of Master Carpenter in our set construction phase. Mr. Farr has donated numerous hours of his skills and abilities. There are no words to express my sincere gratitude! Many thanks to Kael Martin for the cart construction and exterior lighting fixtures. Adriane McAvoy, Katherine Crawford, Claire Mistretta, Angela Mack, Ellie Proctor, Sue Miller, Bob Reinhold, Ben Mack, Cas Danielowski, Dr. Scott Miller, and the entire Porter-Gaud Parent’s Guild for their assistance with concessions, refreshments, advertising, set construction and ticketing. Thanks to Marty Bluford and High Output for their expertise and willingness to go the extra mile!
A very special “thank you” to Al Trivette, Ricky Hicks and the facilities staff for their continued help and support.
Our sincere appreciation to all administration, faculty and staff for their support.