Alumni Volunteer Leadership

The Porter-Gaud Foundation works closely with the alumni boards to provide opportunities for alumni to stay involved and help further the mission of Porter-Gaud School. The people in the lists below are crucial in keeping our students connected to those who came before them. This bridge ensures that traditions stay strong and connections are established for the future.

To get involved with any of the alumni activities, please contact Kathryn Sherrod at 843.402.4685 or

Porter-Gaud Alumni Association Board

President: Chris Osborne ‘95

Secretary: Ashley Thiem ‘98

Treasurer: Ed Royall ‘01

Past President: Greer Polansky ‘88

Charles Baarcke ‘98

Grace Barrett ‘10

Matthew Cochrane-Logan ‘97

Tim Ford ‘80

Jack Gumb ‘93

Kathleen Stelling Hodgson ‘99

Carter Hudgins ‘96

Len Hutchison ‘06

Cate Morse Leatherman ‘04

Maxwell Mowry Gaud ‘1962

Paul Sperry ‘92

Caroline Tigner Traugott ‘87

Barney Vaughan ‘78

Charlton Wieters ‘93



President: Mr. Melvin H. Roberts ‘63

Vice President: Mr. Carl Beckmann, Jr. ‘65

Secretary: Mr. Arthur H. Brouthers III ‘63

Treasurer: Mr. James P. Demetre ‘54

Archivist: Mr. J. W. Allen, Jr. ‘63

Chaplain: Dr. Bobby R. Faulkner ‘49

Board Members

Mr. Larry K. Bradham, Jr. '65

Col. Franklin A. "Nick" Hart, Jr., USMC, RET '50

Mr. Thomas L. Ilderton '57

Mr. William C. Kennerty '41

Mr. Elmore L. Marlow '63

Mr. John McAlister, Jr. '52

Mr. Benjamin W. MacMillan '49

Colonel L. Russell Rawls, USA-RET '44

Mr. Joseph M. Roberts III '64

Porter-Gaud Young Alumni Association

President: Julia Mallard '11
Co-Vice Presidents: Hutson Dodds '06 and Adam Stovall '08

Jack Gilchrist ‘15

Chelsea McKelvey ‘15

Moe Rama ‘15

Hannah Clarke ’14

John Bozeman ’14

Julia McAvoy ’13

Bobby Faith ’13

Robert Scott ’12

Leah Guest ’12

Charlie Baker ’11

Josephine Appleby ’10

Anna Caroline Worthy ’10

Carson Parker ’09

Meg Hickey ’09

Tej Dhindsa ’08

Steven Bailey ’07

Grace Perry Daughtridge ’07

Legare Settle ’06

Jeffrey Zucker ’06

John Beam ’05

Henry Laurens ’05

Anna Perkins McCubrey ’05

Alden Knowlton ’04

Cate Morse Leatherman ’04