Porter-Gaud is fortunate to have donors, past and present, who are committed to growing our endowment. Founded in 1867, our school is an enduring institution, and a robust endowment provides assurance that it will thrive for generations to come. Our Board hires and directs investment professionals who manage our endowment to generate investment earnings that support and perpetuate the mission of Porter-Gaud.

Gifts to our unrestricted endowment provide our school with stability and flexibility. What we deem essential to our quality as a school today may not seem as essential tomorrow. And what we may not even foresee today may be absolutely critical to the quality of the school tomorrow. Unrestricted endowment provides a stable source of income and it leaves the decision of how to spend that income to the trustees and the administration.

Gifts to create restricted funds within our endowment provide funding now and forever to fund scholarships, teaching positions, or other programs and expenses as designated by the donor. They may be established through outright gifts of cash or stock, or through bequests and other estate planning vehicles, at the following gift levels:

Designated Funds $10,000+

Scholarship Funds $50,000+

Faculty Chair Funds $500,000+

Donors who give to our endowment, unrestricted or restricted, leave a meaningful legacy that will perpetually support and grow the aspects of Porter-Gaud that mean the most to them.


The Charilla Barham Scholarship was established by family and friends of Charilla Barham in 2013 to provide tuition assistance to a worthy 6th grade student who best embodies the spirit of Charilla Barham’s love for Porter-Gaud and its students.

The Barrett Family Scholarship was established in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Barrett and family. The Barrett Family Scholarship goes to a prospective student entering grades six through twelve, and recognizes a student who maintains good overall standing at Porter-Gaud School.

The Colonel George B. Buell ’17 Scholarship was established in 1991 by Colonel George B. Buell ’17, as a memorial for his wife Frances Gooding Buell. Colonel Buell was the first president of the Porter Military Academy Alumni Association and brought former cadets into Porter-Gaud School. Colonel Buell passed away in 1996, but his legacy and love for our school lives on as his scholarship supports a worthy Porter-Gaud student in the Upper School.

The Benjamin Wyatt Burris ’01 Scholarship was established in 2009 by the Burris family and friends of Ben Burris. Ben was a team player who cared deeply about his friends, family, and others around him. The award is given to students who exhibit Ben’s passion for life, friendship and competition.

The Barry D. Gumb, Jr. Scholarship was established in 2000 at Coastal Community Foundation by the family and friends of “Beau” Gumb, in his memory. This scholarship is given to recognize the personal merit of a student who is strong in character, integrity and concern for others.

The Dr. William H. Huger Home Scholarship* was established in 2006 by the Dr. William H. Huger Home Charitable Trust. The Trust funds two scholarships annually in the name Dr. William H. Huger Home for two female students at Porter-Gaud School who demonstrate a strong academic record.

The Krawcheck Family Scholarship was established in 2000 by Sallie L. Krawcheck ’83 and members of her family to support exceptional students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Porter-Gaud School. The Krawcheck Scholarships are modeled after the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at the University of North Carolina and also provide successive summer enrichment activities for each recipient.

Lower School JADE Scholarship* was established in 2010 by an anonymous donor and is awarded to a highly motivated minority student in the Lower School with outstanding academic credentials and a supportive home environment. The JADE Scholarship was created based on the donor’s desire to make it possible for recipients to pursue their dreams, realize their potential, and develop their resourcefulness and record of accomplishment.

Kirk Sheridan Kessler ‘76 Scholarship was established in 2014 by his parents, Colonel and Mrs. Raymond A. Kessler, Jr. ’39. The scholarship honors the memory of Kirk Kessler, and is awarded to a rising 9th grader who, like Kirk Kessler, possesses high ideals and a record of accomplishment, as demonstrated through strong moral character, pursuit of excellence, servant leadership and participation in and love of team sports.

The Malone Family Foundation Scholarship was established in 2011 by the Malone Family Foundation with an initial $2 million endowment gift. The program enables top-level students to attain scholarships at a growing number of independent secondary schools throughout the United States. The scholarship fund, which has a merit and need-based component, will enable students who are of the highest academic caliber to attend Porter-Gaud.

The Porter-Gaud Minority Scholarship was established in 1994 by Bank of America and Porter-Gaud School. It recognizes a minority student who demonstrates high academic achievement.

The Porter-Gaud Alumni Association Scholarship* was created to recognize and support worthy students who are related to an alumnus or alumnae of Porter Military Academy, The Gaud School or Porter-Gaud School. Proceeds from the PGAA Annual Golf Tournament and other fundraisers provide scholarships each year.

The Stephen E. Puckette III ’75 Scholarship was established in 1994 by Dr. and Mrs. S. Elliott Puckette in honor of their son. The Puckette Scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates deep character and is an active member of a Christian congregation.

The Michael H. Rawl ’94 Scholarship was established in 1992 by his parents, The Honorable and Mrs. A. Victor Rawl ’64. The Michael H. Rawl ‘94 Scholarship recognizes a minority student who maintains a respectable academic average and who participates in the extracurricular life of Porter-Gaud. The recipient manifests a desire to assist in building a better community and a determination to succeed.

The South Carolina Society Scholarship at Porter-Gaud School was established in 1989 by the South Carolina Society. It provides tuition assistance to a rising 6th grade student who at one time previously attended Meeting Street Academy. South Carolina Scholars are selected based on academic proficiency, character, participation in community life, and objectives for the future.

The Wendell Family Scholarship* was established in 2003 by the Charles H. Wendell family, and is awarded to students with an exceptional academic record.

Designated Funds

The John H. Bennett English Award Fund was established in 2001 by a bequest from John H. Bennett Jr. ’63, to honor the Porter-Gaud senior who has achieved a high academic average while demonstrating outstanding written expression both in class and in other publications.

The Alison Fitzgerald ’97 Memorial Fund was established in 1995 by a gift from her parents, Eva and Dick Fitzgerald, to perpetually support the Alison Fitzgerald Handbell Choir and the Alison Fitzgerald Award. The award is presented annually to a sophomore who shares Alison’s enthusiastic outlook on life.

The Chaplain Brian K. McGreevy Character Education Fund was established in 2012 by Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Franklin, Jr., to provide a permanent source of funding for character education at Porter-Gaud School.

The John Upshaw Downs, Sr. ‘50 WATCH Award Fund was established in 2011 by the family of John Downs. This award is presented to the graduating senior who best embodies the spirit of Dr. Porter’s admonition “WATCH” as demonstrated by academic and athletic effort and who, in so doing, has served as an example to others in the Porter-Gaud community of what can be achieved through character and determination.

The Amanda Welling Dykes Award Fund* was established in 1995 in memory of Amanda by friends of her family. The award is presented annually to the 8th grade student who, in the spirit of Amanda, pursues academic excellence. This award is given to the individual who has maintained the highest cumulative average for the 6th, 7th & 8th grade years at P-G.

Take Me to Rome and Expand My Horizons Travel Fund* was established by friends of Dr. Thomas B. Horton and Dr. Charles H. McArver, Jr. in 2015 as a travel scholarship for students interested in history or a government related experience

The Expanding Horizons Award was established in 2013 through gifts from the Porter-Gaud Classes of 2011 and 2012. This award provides need-based financial assistance to students to participate in school-sponsored trips or other appropriate school-sponsored off-campus experiences that will enhance their knowledge via first-hand observation and novel experience to supplement traditional classroom and textbook learning.

In 2018 these two funds were combined into one Porter-Gaud travel scholarship fund for Upper School students.

The Frank Ford Leadership Award Fund was established in memory of Frank C. Ford. The fund supports an annual award to a current 11th grader who demonstrates integrity, determination and contributes positively to campus life.

The J. Wyman Frampton Science Award Fund was established in 2008 by Mrs. J. Wyman Frampton in honor of her husband, a past chairman of the Porter-Gaud Science Department and a longtime teacher of science at Porter-Gaud. The award is given to the graduating senior who has shown to be the outstanding young scientist of the class.

The John E. Gibbs Faculty Award Fund was established in 1989 by the daughters of John Gibbs, who was an English teacher at Porter-Gaud. The award, a stipend for professional development, recognizes a teacher who exhibits superior teaching in the classroom, and exemplary student relationships and involvement in activities outside the classroom. Both students and faculty participate in the selection process.

The Meta Morris Grimball Art Award Fund was established in the 1970’s by Berkeley and Emily Grimball to honor Berkeley’s aunt, Meta Morris Grimball. This recognition is awarded annually to an outstanding 7th or 8th grader in the study of visual arts at Porter-Gaud School.

The Liza Hollingsworth Fine Arts Award Fund was established in 2011 in memory of Liza by her parents, Julianne and Dunn Hollingsworth. This award is presented to a rising 5th grader who, in the opinion of the selection committee, has best shown an interest in Fine Arts and has a qualifying summer experience. The recipient receives a stipend to be used for summer study in Fine Arts.

The Kirk S. Kessler ’76 Memorial Fund was established in 1991 by his parents, Colonel and Mrs. Raymond A. Kessler, Jr. ’39. It supports the Kirk S. Kessler Award, presented annually to a senior of strong moral character who best exemplifies the outstanding qualities of sportsmanship and fair play, while demonstrating leadership, the will to win, and a competitive spirit in the quest for excellence. Kirk was most well-known for his selflessness on the soccer field and his commitment to the team.

The Mai Surran Amonette Harris Memorial Fund was established in 1996 by her husband, Dr. William L. Harris. Mrs. Harris worked in the Lower School of Porter-Gaud for 18 years and the fund supports projects and other needs in the Lower School.

The Burnet Rhett Maybank History Award Fund* was established in 2012 by his grandson, Burnet Rhett Maybank III. The Maybank Award is given annually to an outstanding senior student who has demonstrated a keen interest in the study of American Government, as determined by the History Department.

The Katie Mills Science Award Fund was established in 1995 in memory of Katie Mills. The award is presented annually to a 5th grade student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in science, who has an enthusiasm for the acquisition of knowledge, and who is kind and considerate of others.

The Mowry Spanish Award* was established in 1978 by Dr. Maxwell Mowry, a former Porter-Gaud instructor of Spanish and a 1962 graduate of The Gaud School, in memory of his parents. The award is presented annually to the senior who has gone as far as possible in Spanish at Porter-Gaud and who has maintained good grades in Spanish while also promoting interest in Hispanic culture. It is not necessarily awarded to the student having the highest scholastic average.

The William F. Muckenfuss, III Award was established in 1965 by Henry Buist, in memory of Billy Muckenfuss who was a student in the Porter Military Academy from 1958-1964. It is presented annually to the 6th grade student who best demonstrates strong scholarship, character and leadership.

The Morton Patla Mathematics Award Fund was established by Morton’s parents, Jack and Helen Patla, in his memory. The award is given annually to a junior who demonstrates high ability in mathematics while showing interest and enthusiasm in math.

Porter-Gaud Professional Development Fund was established in 2010 by an anonymous donor to support the professional development of Porter-Gaud’s faculty and staff. This fund can provide for conference expenses, continuing education, and other activities important to a community of learning.

The Lieutenant James T. Richards ’80 Memorial Fund was established in 1990 by his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.T. Richards. Lieutenant Richards was killed when the jet he was piloting crashed during a training exercise off Parris Island, SC in 1989. Each year, this fund provides support for a summer experience for a student of high achievement interested in service. All juniors are eligible to apply for the award.

The Ted R. Richardson Award Fund was established in 1991 and is presented annually to an 8th grade boy and girl who have, in the spirit of Ted R. Richardson exhibited “a deep and abiding concern for others and who have helped their classmates in ways that are positive and constructive.

The South Carolina Society Award Fund was established in 1989 by the South Carolina Society. The award is given each spring to two students with high ideals who have established a record of accomplishment, possess exemplary character, and whose academic record and citizenship have been excellent.

The Coach Ed Steers Award Fund was established in 2014 by the Porter-Gaud Fathers Association. The Coach Ed Steers Award recognizes coaches or athletic trainers who best embody the spirit of Coach Ed Steers, and consists of a cash award to enhance the winner’s professional development through study/travel/training, or other appropriate activity related to professional development.

Endowments in Progress*

The Randall L. Clark Scholarship was established in memory of Randy Clark by his family and friends in November 2013. The scholarship provides tuition and tutoring assistance to a worthy minority student with recognized financial need entering the 6th grade.

The Fair Davidson Scholarship was established in 2012 by the Class of 1987 to honor the memory of classmates Miss Burney Fair and Mr. Rusty Davidson.

The Porter Military Academy Alumni Association Endowment was established in 2014 by the Porter Military Academy Alumni Association Board. The fund will provide a permanent source of funding to support the maintenance of objects commemorative of Porter Military Academy and its Founder, The Reverend Dr. Anthony Toomer Porter. This includes the bust of Dr. Porter, the 12 pounder Napoleon cannon, the WATCH Tower Bell, the oil portrait of Dr. Porter, the PMA Brick Garden and the PMA Archives Room.

*not endowed