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Parent Profile: Meet the Hildells.

We are a Swedish family with four daughters, two of them attending Porter Gaud. We are from outside Gothenburg, Sweden, in a small village called Kullavik. It is a beautiful setting by the sea. We have lived in Shanghai, China, for 3 years (2011-2014) – which was a great and amazing experience. After that we were home in Sweden for 2 years, and now it is time for a new adventure abroad – this time in Charleston, S.C. Volvo is the reason we are here, and now they are building their first plant in the US in Ridgeville. We are an active, tight family, who loves to travel and experience other cultures - and to get to know things we did not know before.

What were the deciding factors to enroll your child(ren) at Porter-Gaud?

We heard from the other Volvo families that Porter Gaud was a good alternative, but wanted to visit a few schools to make up our own opinion. From our perspective, it was really important that the school could help us with the support for one of our daughters who would start 11th grade, for her to be able to graduate in the U.S. It was also important for us that the school provided excellent education, had a small classes, good facilities and good food, as well as a warm and open atmosphere.

How do you describe the Porter-Gaud experience?

We are very happy that we choose Porter-Gaud. When you arrive in a new country and you don'´t know anybody, it is important to be seen. Our children did not have many friends the first days of school, but they were seen by all the teachers and administrators. There were lots of people there to ask them how they were. The host families have also been a great help – to be able to ask questions and to get to know your way around the School and the community. Now, after almost two months in school, both girls have found there place and we are very thankful to the teachers for all the support and help that we have received.

Spotlight Parent Program: Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors (PAs) are an integral part of Porter-Gaud’s admission and orientation program. They provide essential support to new families during their first year at the school and ensure that new families are effectively integrated into the school community. Parent Ambassadors are valuable informational resources for new families and provide a supportive network to help foster, develop, and maintain our welcoming and inclusive school environment. To learn more about the Parent Ambassador program, please contact Ken Hyde at