YIG Delegation Delivers Strong Performance in Columbia
YIG Delegation Delivers Strong Performance in Columbia

Porter-Gaud continued in its tradition of representing itself as a Premier Delegation at the annual Youth in Government conference in Columbia before Thanksgiving. First and foremost, all of of our students handled themselves with mature comportment, and Dr. Gates, Mr. Lipka, Mrs. Stock and I were very proud to lead them through their committees, Mock trials, Appeals trials, or "mandatory fun" events. They are such good kids and stand out as we would all expect among the 1,600 converging on the capital.

As for hardware, PG returned to the top of the ranks in the Appeals competition, representing half of the students invited to showcase their talents in the finals on Friday afternoon. In the State Supreme Court building, in front of a full house, Katie Krawcheck was honored to argue the "Judicial Review" case, which was an opportunity asked of two of the top individual attorneys to argue against the YIG Attorney General on a case given to them that same morning. Katie handled the rigorous questions from the Judicial Panel with her typical composure and passion, while commanding the constitutional questions at play.

Achieving their goals going into the season months ago to "make the finals," Ballard Morton and Will Perrine were honored as one of the two top Appeals teams due to their very impressive handling of a real US Supreme Court case, through three rounds of intense scrutiny over two days. In the final round, in front of the whole judicial panel, Ballard and Will were articulate, composed, and masterful in their understanding of the 4th Amendment and its relevant case law. Ballard Morton was subsequently (and deservedly) recognized during the awards ceremony on Saturday with the Charles McCarver Award, created in honor of our beloved Dr. Mac by the SC YIG, to honor the best Appeals attorney of the conference.

Of the four Mock Trial teams who competed, one of our teams made the final rounds Friday afternoon due to their strong command of the case and the witnesses. Caroline Vail, Robbie Prentice, Oliver Kendall, Christopher Hunsicker, Kate Schaible, Lyles Parsell impressed their judges and their audience in their preparation, testimonies and arguments.

And lastly, of our freshmen legislators, Zach Lewin and Ellis Chang received an award for "Outstanding Bill," which was only granted to a few of the hundreds of bills brought before the chambers. Sarah-Courtney Cavatoni and Courtney Selle succeeded in getting their bill passed and signed by the Governor.

Posted by US History Chair and YIG Advisor Mr. Paul Baran.