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The goal of the College Counseling Office at Porter-Gaud is to help each student gain admission to a college or university best suited to enhance his or her academic abilities, goals, desires for the future and personal growth. Applying to college, like any important life decision, requires careful thought and planning. At Porter-Gaud School, students are encouraged to direct their search in partnership with their parents and college counselor.

Our college counselors have developed a structured advising program designed to provide students with personalized information, support and resources to find a college that will be a good match. The process begins in the ninth grade when we help students identify their strengths and interests so they can build on them as they progress through their Upper School development. As students continue through their sophomore and junior year, we provide developmentally appropriate support as they build on their unique set of talents. Beginning in the second semester of their junior year, students meet individually with a college counselor to begin the college search process in earnest. They continue to meet regularly with their counselor through every aspect of the college application, admission and selection process.

The college selection process is about fit, not name recognition or prestige. We encourage students to take ownership of their college search and explore many college options to discover what characteristics are important to fostering their growth and development. Rest assured that we are here to provide guidance along each student's journey as he or she searches for, and ultimately chooses, the college that will be the right fit.

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