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Mission Statement:

Porter-Gaud's Global Union is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of diversity. GU is not an exclusive club; it is an inclusive club that consists of those who are open-minded and passionate about having a more diverse, understanding and affirming campus. We are accepting of all individuals regardless of differences and encourage open dialogue and communication during meetings, planning and implementing programs and in all co-curricular experiences. We embrace differences in race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and all areas under the umbrella of the broad spectrum of “diversity.” We welcome you to step outside of your comfort zone….and into the Global Union. Together we can make a difference!

WATCH Week Student Presentation by Amir Smalls '17 and Global Union member.

On behalf of the Global Union…welcome to this WATCH week assembly.

Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character, Habits…are the theme words that we as a whole school practice throughout the year…The WATCH prayer explains to us how we should be treating each other everyday because we are a family. Words full of truth and kindness…actions gracious and honorable. These words exemplify how we should act as a school.

But what’s more important is who you are. Are you a bystander or an active bystander? Will you stand up and speak up when something isn’t right? Will you stand in support of a classmate who may have been belittled, or made fun of?

Because I am up in front of you today, I am supposed to say that I am an active bystander and every time I see something wrong I step up. But the truth is…I am not perfect. Sometimes it may seem like everyone is just joking around when someone’s feelings are actually getting hurt. Sometimes it may be hard to tell. That doesn’t mean to just give up completely. We as a school must strive to be better.

Last week we watched a clip on Empathy. Using empathy is an active way to connect with a person…away to understand a little of that person’s experiences. To walk in their shoes because you don’t know what they have been going through. Like most of you I watched the video like…ugh…I wish my community period was free. I don’t want to watch this. But r3eally…it was important. Sure the kids were probably just acting but there was a true message. Think about what a person may be going through before you say or do something to them because they could be going through a hard time.

We have to prepare, we have to make ourselves ready here at PG to use a skill like empathy when we go off to college and meet people that have very different experiences than we have.

This takes practice…if you see or hear something that doesn’t feel right…teasing…bad jokes…be an active bystander…show support…empathy…just a little acknowledgement can go a long way.

Thanks for coming!

Speech written by Senior Amir Small (Global Union member)


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