Digital Citizenship Program

What is it?

Each year, Porter-Gaud strives to create a comprehensive program to ingrain digital citizenship and responsible online behavior in the minds of our students, parents, and faculty. Our hope is that our programming provides parents, students, and faculty with resources to help with parenting, teaching, living, and leading responsibly in a digital world.

The program is based on Mike Ribble's book Digital Citizenship in Schools published by The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). In his book, Mike outlines the nine elements every student should know. They are -

  1. Digital Access
  2. Digital Commerce
  3. Digital Communication
  4. Digital Literacy
  5. Digital Etiquette
  6. Digital Law
  7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities
  8. Digital Health and Wellness
  9. Digital Security

To find out more about the elements, please visit his website at

Who is it for?

The Leading in the Digital World Program will three focus groups.

1. Students - Porter-Gaud currently integrates digital citizenship through teacher presentations in the Lower School, Life 101 in the Middle School, and as part of the advisory program in the Upper School. This is a vital piece because our students are equipped with the latest in educational and communication devices. They use these devices as part of 21st century living and learning, so it is important to teach them how to use it apporpriately. Moving forward, our goal is to further blend information on responsible online behavior into our daily teachings and assemblies.

2. Parents - Parents are an important piece in the success of educating students on responsible digital citizenship. Starting in January, we will begin monthly conversations on how the internet and these devices change parenting and education. These meetings will be open to everyone and will focus on a variety of topics including cell phones, gaming, what is appropriate at what level, social media, and many more. The dates and times of the monthly meetings will be announced in January.

March conversation - TBD but tentative date is Thursday Aprl 19 @ 8-9AM in the Cafeteria - Joe Ryan from the SC Attorney General's Office

3. Community - We feel that the community is an invaluable resource to our Porter-Gaud Family. We plan to bring in local community members to present on related topics and help show our students, parents, and faculty how to use these digital tools

How will we introduce these elements to our students, parents and community?

Our program will introduce one or more of the nine elements to each of the participants on a monthly basis. This will be through parent presentations, MS life 101, MS and US advisory topics, student presentations, LS student talks, outside presenters for LS, MS and US as well as community outreach activities. As programs and activities become set for each division, they will be announced and detailed on this site.

Lower School

  • TBD

Middle School

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Upper School

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Parent Community

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Here are some useful links dealing with Internet safety.

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