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February 2017 - Note Taking on Devices

I came across some good articles on note taking on devices that are worth sharing.

Edutopia - Take Note: How to Curate Learning Digitally

Medium - The Joy of Typing - The Message

Below are a collection of technology resources.

Inappropriate tweets and their consequences -

February 2015 - Cell phone presentation

Here are the slides from the February 2015 parent presentation on cell phones. We'll be doing another presentation in March.
Click here to view the cell phone presentation slides.

Here are a few good aritcles pertaining to keeping kids safe online.
A Teenager's View on Social Media
Six ways to keep teenagers safe online
Girls Suicide points to rise in apps used for Cyberbullying

Restrict youtube and safari on the iPad

iPad App information

iMessage App

One of the skills we try to teach our students is effective communication. In the 21st century, effective communication can be done in a variety of ways. It can take place in person, over the phone, via email, and also text. iMessage is a communication app that is found on the iPad that can help students communicate with other students as well as their parents. We have started seeing students misusing this form of communication and sending large numbers of messages to others in the class. These messages have become disruptive. We strongly encourage you to monitor your child’s use of this app. We are trying to keep your child safe from any unwanted messages. Information detailing how to disable the app and also disable it through parental controls can be found on our parent technology page.
If you want to disable the app, here are the instructions.

To disable the app:
1. Click on the Settings button
2. Click the green Messages button
3. Move the slide into the “Off” position


Instagram is an online photo-sharing social networking app that lets its users upload pictures, apply photographic filters on them, and share them on other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. While it is nice to share photos with others, please make sure your child understands that pictures you post online are public and will be online forever. Users can comment on photos, which may cause issues related to the app.

Richard Guerry

We had Executive Director of IROC (The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell Phone Communication) give three great presentations to parents and students on internet safety. His underlining theme to each presentation was "public and permanent". Richard used real life examples of celebrities and students to show our students (and parents) that everything on the internet is public and permanent. He used these examples to make sure everyone understood that anything you put on the internet is going to be public and permanent. We look forward to having him back for more presentations and in the meantime, he encouraged us to visit his website for more resources including a risk assessment. This cyber safety risk assessment is a great way to start the conversation at home. Here are the links.
main website - risk assessment -

Internet Safety

As we continue to integrate technology into the curriculum, we also want to make sure we continue to educate our students and parents on how to be safe and responsible online. We feel this is even more important with the addition of iPads. We have discussed important topics such as cyberbullying, social media, identity theft and being safe online over the past few years.

Bullying and Social Media -
A great article from CNN that talks about bullying and social media:

Here are the slides from our Parent Internet Safety Presentation

Backing up the iPad – There are two ways to back up your iPad.

1. iCloud will back up your iPad apps as well as allow you to track it in the event it gets lost. Please use this link for the instructions.

2. You can also back up to a computer. This will backup the files, pictures, and notes on your iPad. Click HERE for information on syncing for the first time.
Here is a great article from Apple that talks about both backup methods.

Filtering the Internet

As a reminder, the student iPads will be filtered exactly like our current computers are filtered while on campus. However, when they leave campus, they will no longer be filtered.

There are a few options for those who want to filter the internet on the iPad regardless of location. Below are links to some apps that will allow you to do this. Please note that you need to disable Safari. - Free – 4.99 – 4.99

We want to remind everyone that your children (and you) should disconnect from your iPad, computer, TV, or any other technology a few hours before you go to bed.

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