The Arts

Beyond the obvious joys of learning to draw, sing or act, artistic growth plays a pivotal role in each child’s core learning processes. Experts have demonstrated that arts education strengthens analytical skills, boosts achievement in academic areas, enriches cultural appetite and leads to greater career success and satisfaction.

Visual Arts

Student artistic growth begins in the lower grades with experimentation in a variety of basic media. Middle School is a time for refining skills, experimenting with different styles, and solving problems in areas like dimension or color theory. Upper School students study principles and styles of art as they fine tune their focus and build skills in more advanced art media. Education at all levels makes use of Charleston’s rich art community by encouraging students to visit our many unique museums, galleries and art fairs.


Many students enjoy working on our dramatic and musical productions – acting, directing, designing costumes and sets, and handling stagecraft. Numerous theatrical performances are given by all grade levels, beginning with the traditional Thanksgiving play in 1st grade. Interschool programs organized through the National Thespian Society and our state’s school association provide competitive opportunities for dramatic efforts.


Choral music classes give young students exposure to the pleasures of group singing as they study rhythm and harmony. Middle School students learn to play instruments and participate in concert band. More choices arrive in Upper School, like playing in jazz ensembles or small bands, and learning the technologies of studio recording. Innovative classes bring the subtleties of music alive by studying everything from music scores for films to cultural contributions in music styles.

Fine Arts Staff

Ashley Stock

Fine Arts Chair/Director of Performing Arts/Theatre/DAnce

Todd Monsell

Director of Music/Lower & Middle School Music

Amy Stiglic

Director of Visual Arts/Lower School Art

Janet Preslar

Upper School Art

Hugh Knight

Upper School Music/HAndbell Choir/Jazz Band

Brink Norton

Director of Upper School Choirs/Leading Tones

Andrea White

MIDDLE SCHOOL General music/Musical Director

Fatma Dogan

Middle School Art

Jeannie King

Lower School Music

Sarah Holley

Lower School Art