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December 2020 News

Virtue of the Month:  Patience

Patience means waiting calmly without interrupting.  Throughout the month of December students are learning about what it means to be patient, what it looks like to be patient, how it feels to be patient, and strategies to use when practicing patience.  


I'll Wait Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach


The Waiting Song Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood


December in the two’s

We will begin the month exploring and enjoying the world of nursery rhymes. They are a wonderful tried and true method for inspiring literacy in young children. 

Holiday traditions and the season of giving will be the main focus for the rest of December. We will talk about how we celebrate the holidays and what a wonderful time it is to share with others. 

It is a fun busy magical month!

The 2's Team! 


How is it December already! We cannot believe how swiftly this school year has just flown by.  December is going to be an exciting month for all our friends. The children will be exploring a variety of topics such as holiday traditions in other parts of the world, their own family traditions, and what it means to give.  Our letter this month is Gg and our number is 5.  We will continue working with letter, number recognition, patterns, our fine motor skills (cutting, crayon grip), and social/emotional growth!  We will be having a holiday celebration complete with a surprise for our amazing families- details to follow.  Bring on the holidays!

The 3’sTeachers!


This month the 4's will be learning about and celebrating Christmas! We will start off reading a variety of Gingerbread Man stories like "The Gingerbread Baby" and "The Gingerbread Ninja". Then we will learn how people celebrate Christmas around the world including learning about Hanukkah. We will wrap up our Christmas unit celebrating our favorite all-time Christmas stories. Since parents are unable to come visit, we are asking parents to send in videos of themselves reading books that correlate with these themes. We are excited to bring our families into our classes in new and fun ways! 

The 4's Teachers



Throughout December, Kindergarten will be travelling around the world learning about December holiday traditions!  Our travels will include a visit to Germany to learn about the Christmas tree and gingerbread men.  We’ll also spend some time practicing our Spanish skills as we learn about traditions in Mexico.  We’ll refine our cutting skills while creating Poinsettias and have fun breaking a piñata!  Creative crafts and art will enhance our learning, while developing our skills in following directions. In math we are learning to compare numbers, describe measurable attributes, and create addition story problems.  We will be looking for sight words and blending sounds to make words as we read about the holidays.  It will be a fun month in Kindergarten! 

Donna Murphy - Kindergarten Teacher



Bienvenue to the month of Novembre, a quiet month in France but a busy one in the USA.

Here are the fun things we are going to do this month in French.

2's and 3's

Continuing our colors and numbers. Talk about Autumn and Thanksgiving with Gustave and read a book.


Continuing our colors and numbers. Talk about Thanksgiving with Gustave.

Talk about the leaves (les feuilles) changing color.

Song: " Avec un Gros Nez" "With a Big Nose" (voc.: un chien, un chat, une vache et un cochon).


Continuing our colors and numbers. Talk about Autumn and Thanksgiving with Gustave.

Read the book "Fall Feuilles Fall" "La Mouche - the Fly"

Song: " Avec un Gros Nez" "With a Big Nose" (voc.: un chien, un chat, une vache et un cochon)


Review or vocabulary on "le visage" "the face"

Je suis une fille/un garçon - I'm a girl/aboy

Talk and learn about Thanksgiving

Learn our Christmas song

Thank you all.



This month we will be continuing our "flamenco" theme and will be making fans to represent the Hispanic world.

We will also learn ingredients and preparation for the Mexican dish "guacamole".

We will also learn the song "Feliz Navidad" and talk about Christmas in Spain and England :)

Señora Thompson