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October 2020 News


October will be a very busy month in the two’s! Our themes this month include discovering fall, community helpers, shapes, pumpkins, and of course Halloween! We begin the month learning about nature, nuts, squirrels, apples, and leaves falling. We will hunt for squirrels on the playground and collect nature! The following week we will be learning about community
helpers. During community helpers week we will be talking about people in our communities who help us everyday...doctors, dentists, firefighters, and policemen. Next we will discuss shapes and do lots of fun crafts.
Throughout October the children will learn lots of songs and finger plays about pumpkins and Halloween. We will discuss the life cycle of a pumpkin, examine the inside, and carve jack-o-laterns. Our classrooms will become “spooktacular” sites as we decorate with special Halloween projects. The biggest event is our Halloween Carnival. Each class will make
their own special t-shirt to wear instead of a costume.

The 2's Team! 


In October, the 3s letter sounds for the month are Nn and Vv and our number is 3. We will make predictions, practice dot patterns, and work cooperatively. As we delve into fall, we will use our virtue of perseverance to make it to Halloween. As an age group, we are exploring what happens at night. From the night sky, to nocturnal animals, to our bedtime routine, we will look at how we (and animals) behave at night. We will end the month with recognizing the difference between real and imaginary as we get prepared for Halloween. 

The 3's Team! 


What an exciting October we have planned! We will be traveling to the rainforest to learn about different insects and animals that we can find throughout the multiple layers. Our letters for the month are Ii, Uu, Cc and Oo. We will learn not only how to identify each letter, but write and create the sound as well. We will be reading "The Umbrella"by Jann Brett, "The Mixed Up Chameleon" by Eric Carle and "Little Sibu" by Sally Grindley. We will also be learning to identify and write numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9 as well as identify and draw ovals and diamonds. Our virtue for the month is PERSEVERANCE! We will be learning that no matter how hard something may seem we will never give up. Get ready to hear about a variety of animals and see your child growing more and more confident in who they are and their abilities!

Thanks for all you do!

The 4's Teachers



What a great start we have had to our Kindergarten year!  We spent some time getting to know all about one another and all about where we live during our “Me on the Map” unit.  After exploring our great State of South Carolina we will be moving our focus for October to bats, spiders, and pumpkins.

During our pumpkin study we will incorporate estimating, measuring, patterns, problem solving, and writing. We’ll also be comparing fiction and non-fiction books about bats and arachnids!

In math we will continue to work on recognizing and adding numbers, as well as analyzing and comparing two and three-dimensional shapes.

Let’s not forget about learning to read sights words, journal writing, building friendships, and having fun!   

 Donna Murphy - Kindergarten Teacher