James Island News

September 2022

Virtue of the Month:  Friendliness 


The beginning of the school year is off to a great start. We have been busy listening to books about being friends, going to school, and all about ourselves. During the month of September we will be learning how special and unique we all are in our All About Me unit, and that families and pets come in all different shapes and sizes. We will also focus on transportation and farm life. Our objectives are to discover where our food comes from and the plants and animals that provide it. To conclude this unit the 2’s will gather together to sing songs and enjoy foods from our own Farmer’s Market!

 The 2's Team! 


The letter sound for this month is Ss and our number is 2. Our virtue is Friendliness. We will continue bathroom independence and fine motor skills. We will also work on confidence, how we talk to peers, and recognizing emotions.

The 3's Team!



The 4's Team!


Kindergarten students are shining in September. Ms. Winoski and Mrs. Ibsen’s class introduced the virtue of Friendliness to the whole school during our 1st pep rally; the Terrific Turtle mascot even made an appearance. This month also means “Me on the Map” (where we live from our home to our planet) and South Carolina state symbols studies. Be on the lookout for our pointillism palmetto tree art inspired by George Seurat.  

Each week we continue to practice correct letter formation and letter sounds; our sight word library will grow to 20 words! On the math front, we will express numbers 0-10 in different configurations. Then we’ll put our math, writing and science skills to work in an kindergarten-wide apple-themed round robin.  We’ll also create an apple still life inspired by Paul Cezanne.

The Kindergarten Team