James Island News



Virtue of the Month:  Honesty 


The month of March will find the two's exploring lots of exciting topics. Our themes for the month will be the ocean, the world of colors, and our ever changing weather.          

We will discover what types of animals live in the ocean, increase and reinforce the children’s color recognition skills and introduce color mixing.  We will also talk about the different kinds of weather and observe how it changes through daily observations.

 The 2's Team! 


The letter sounds for this month are Rr and Tt, and our number is 8. Our virtue is honesty. We will work on sitting in circle time for a longer period of time, catching a ball, predicting, and positional words.

The 3's Team!


This month we will be discovering the wonderful wonders of Dr. Seuss! From "I Don't Like Green Eggs and Ham" to "To Think That I Saw it On Mulberry Street", we will read them all. From his writing we will learn how to identify and create our own rhyming words. Also this month, as we approach St. Patrick's Day, we will learn about St. Patrick and his incredible story. We are looking forward to a fun month of learning! 

The 4's Team!


Our magnificent kindergarteners are marching into this month after culminating our space unit by creating a space collage, with the background inspired by Jackson Pollock, the watercolors by composer Gustave Holst, and the collage cutouts inspired by Henri Matisse!  In March we will focus on the weather and water cycle for a week and then move on to a study of the marsh. 

This is an exciting time of the year where the children are able to practice what they have learned.  They continue to impress us with their detailed writing and illustrations in their journals and with their perseverance in correlating math stories, number bonds, and math sentences.  

March is also a month of “making”!  First, the children will continue to learn to code and make an Ozobot move at different speeds with Dr. Sessions from the Porter-Gaud technology department.  We will also make fun art in the style of Jasper Johns. Mrs. Ibsen will teach the children how to use oil pastels and watercolors to create a pop art study of their names.  Finally, we will be on the lookout for the leprechauns on St Patrick’s Day.  Maybe this year we will get lucky and catch one after designing and building the perfect trap together. This is a fun way to learn how to communicate and work as a team in our own maker space.

We are so excited and looking forward to seeing many smiles this month of March!

The Kindergarten Team