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April 2021 News

Virtue of the Month: Cooperation 

Our next virtue is Cooperation introduced by Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Cutter's class.  Cooperation means working together to achieve a goal.  When you cooperate you work together, share, and take turns.  


The Golden Acorn by Katy Hudson - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyney2uENQ

Subway Sparrow by Leyla Torres- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtNjnckC3NI

Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LEMGFnvc5I


Big Bird Cooperation Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kihZUsADQTQ

Elmo and Telly Cooperate - https://youtu.be/iQjXhnIOdg0



We are so excited to welcome our little ones back from our holiday break.  We will be using the first week of January to review our curriculum and reestablish our routines.  In the coming weeks we will explore winter and hibernation.  We will study snow and ice, arctic animals and what activities we can do in the winter.  The last week of January we will dive into a study of the alphabet with songs, stories, and hands-on activities.  

The 2's Team! 


For February, the threes will continue their unit on museums. We will travel to a space museum and look at stars and planets. We will also head to an art museum and try our hand at a few famous art styles. Close to Valentine's Day we will read the book Guess How Much I Love You and talk about love for our friends and family, especially Grandparents and older individuals we care about. We will end the month with a special walk-through museum. More details to come. In addition to our museum theme, our letter sounds for the month are Pp and Hh, our number is 7, and our virtue is Responsibility. We will continue to work on our scissor skills, color control, pattern identification, and hygiene.

The 3's Team!


This month we are diving into the deep ocean waters to learn about a variety of ocean animals including whales, sharks and all kinds of fish. Our preschoolers love learning fun facts about animals. For instance, did you know that a blue whale's tongue can weigh as much as an elephant? It's true. Our kids will learn that fact plus many, many more this month. We also have some fun writing prompts that include, "In my yellow submarine I saw ____". As our kids are becoming more proficient in writing we will be challenging them by introducing lined paper which is what they will use in kindergarten. From independent writing to sight words our kids are gearing up for their next big chapter and we couldn't be more excited for them :)

The 4's Teachers


Spring is in the air in Kindergarten!  Our young entomologists are observing the lifecycle of a butterfly first hand.  They will be watching caterpillars eat and grow, form a chrysalis, and emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies.  Drawing and writing about their observations while researching butterflies in books and on iPads will enhance their learning.  

Later this month, Kindergarteners will begin to investigate local marine life.  They will learn to identify shells, compare different types of crabs, and even dissect a squid.

They will be showing off their abilities as authors and illustrators, as they continue to write sentences, develop stories, make lists, create books, and label diagrams.

Kindergarten Teachers!


Wishing everyone a "Joyeuses Pâques"!

2's Reviewing our colors 

      Working on counting to 10

      "Avec un gros nez" song, learn the name of animals 


3's JI  Learning our last color

          Review our counting skill with Foufou

          "Dans mon château" song

          Learning more about the Eiffel Tower


    MT Continuing learning colors and numbers

          "Avec un gros nez" song, learn the name of animals 

           Learning more about the Eiffel Tower


4's Let's learn some moves with "le robot"  and the song " Dans mon château"

      Counting to 20 with some fun songs

      Reading the book "Toutes les couleurs" (All the colors)

      Start to name the days of the week

      Learning more about the Eiffel Tower


5's Days of the week

     New song "If I want to say"

     Counting to 20

     Reading the book "Toutes les couleurs" (All the colors)




3s: We will continue looking at patterns and colors in Spanish, and work on simple math problems. We will also continue with creative play, stories and songs!

4s: We will work on solving math problems, and start studying the names of planets in Spanish.

5s: We will study the planets in Spanish, and continue with conversational activities.

Señora Thompson