James Island News

May 2022

Virtue of the Month:  Celebration of our community! 

May be an image of outdoors


And just like that the school year is almost over!  The month of May will begin with the two’s exploring the world of BUGS.  We will learn what an insect is and where they live.  Children are always fascinated with bugs and will love going on a scavenger hunt to see how many kinds of bugs we can find.

It’s a Bugs Life leads us right on into caterpillars and butterflies.  The classes will observe caterpillars as they form their cocoons and wait patiently for their transformation into beautiful butterflies.  As we await their arrival, we will discuss the stages of the butterfly’s life cycle.  Our unit ends with a Caterpillar picnic at the James Island County Park.

Camping is our next May adventure!  What could be more fun than pretending we are sleeping in a tent and making smores!

It’s A Wrap is our theme for the last week of May. From bubbles to water play, our days will be filled with lots of sensory activities and art projects.  Our week ends with special snacks and treats.  

 The 2's Team! 


It’s May and there’s so much left to do! For our first two weeks we will look at bugs and flowers. The last two weeks of school will be 10 fun-filled days of dressing up, reviewing our letters and numbers, and enjoy our time together. Look for specifics from your child’s teacher. Our letter for the month is Bb and our number is 10. Our virtue is celebration of our community!

The 3's Team!


Happy May! This month we will look at things that grow. From trees to flowers to people, we will learn the "how?" and "why?" things grow. Also this month we will complete our final assessment that will go home to parents on the last day of school. We are looking forward to a wonderful last month to celebrate a wonderful school year! 

The 4's Team!


The kindergarteners will finish their language arts and math curriculum in the coming weeks.  This month brings the kindergarteners to the study of marine life with a focus of the marsh that surrounds us here in Charleston.  We begin with the animals that live in the shells that we find and will learn the differences between a gastropod and a bivalve. We will also have the opportunity to see why oysters are important to the ecosystem.  After learning about cephalopods and arthropods, and fish through books and videos clips, we will dissect a squid, observe a hermit crab, and try our hand at making fish prints.  

It is hard to believe that the year is almost over and that we are practicing for graduation.  We are planning a traditional graduation ceremony with all three classes on the deck. The children are working hard to learn their lines, songs, and dances. We are so proud of each and every one of them. They each have their own strengths and have been an important part of our kindergarten family this year.  We will miss them and wish them all the best in their new class next year!

The Kindergarten Team