James Island News

September 2021

Virtue of the Month: Friendliness 



The beginning of the school year is off to a great start.  We have been busy listening to books about being friends, going to school and transportation.

During the month of September we will be learning how special and unique we all are in our All About Me units, and that families and pets come in all different shapes and sizes. 

   We will also focus on farms and the animals that live there. Our objectives are to discover where our food comes from and the plants and animals that provide it.

The 2's Team! 


This month our theme is "All About Me." We will look at how we are similar and different. Who lives in our house? How do we take care of our pets? Who helps in our neighborhoods?

The letter sound for this month is Ss and our number is 2. Our virtue is Friendliness. We will continue bathroom independence and fine motor skills. We will also work on confidence, how we talk to peers, and recognizing emotions.  

The 3's Team!


Welcome to 4K! This month we are learning new routines and meeting new friends. Teachers are getting to know their students through games, crafts and beginning of the year assessments. Teachers are sharing amazing stories correlating with our All About Me theme. Our students are learning that each of us are different in a beautiful way. We are excited to start another fantastic school year at O'Quinn. 

The 4's Teachers


Although we are in school for just a few weeks this month, there is so much happening in Kindergarten. Friendships are budding and our minds are growing as we learn how to navigate new routines, create our classroom family, and meet all the special teachers and people in our O’Quinn community. The children have enjoyed having P.E.,  Music, French, and Art with Mrs. Holley. Spanish will start in September. We are learning more about ourselves as we illustrate our “All About Me” books, and we are getting to know each other as we explore our classroom, play, and work together.  A few of our fun projects have been creating Miss Bindergarten from construction paper, drawing self portraits, and working collaboratively to build a neighborhood. The book Chrysanthemum has inspired us to  practice writing our names and to paint our own “Kindergarden” of flowers. We are looking forward to an exciting year and watching everyone bloom!

Kindergarten Teachers!




Summer flew by fast and now it's time to sing our Fall songs. We will still be marching to the music but songs will include Harvest Dance and Cotton Eyed Joe.

We will sing The Earth is Our Mother, two songs about Falling Leaves, My Paddle's Keen and Bright, and other autumn songs. We will also be working on rhythm with our clapping hands, stomping feet, and our rhythm sticks. 

We will be dancing the Charleston and dances from around the world.