James Island News

May 2021

Virtue of the Month: Cooperation 

Our next virtue is Cooperation introduced by Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Cutter's class.  Cooperation means working together to achieve a goal.  When you cooperate you work together, share, and take turns.  


The Golden Acorn by Katy Hudson - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyney2uENQ

Subway Sparrow by Leyla Torres- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtNjnckC3NI

Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LEMGFnvc5I


Big Bird Cooperation Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kihZUsADQTQ

Elmo and Telly Cooperate - https://youtu.be/iQjXhnIOdg0



It has been a great year and it is hard to believe how quickly it has flown by.  Thank you for sharing your children with us!

May will be another busy month in the two's, as we complete the themes in our last full month of the school year.   The month begins Down In the Garden.  The children will learn how seeds grow and engage in various planting activities.  

Exploring Pond Life is our next learning adventure.  We will focus on which animals live in and around the pond and what the word amphibious means.

The next week in May finds the two's on a Camping Expedition.  From smores to campfires and tents, we will enjoy lots of outdoor and sensory activities.  

The school year ends with bubbles, bats, and balls as the children participate in  a fun filled activity week.  

The 2's Team! 


For February, the threes will continue their unit on museums. We will travel to a space museum and look at stars and planets. We will also head to an art museum and try our hand at a few famous art styles. Close to Valentine's Day we will read the book Guess How Much I Love You and talk about love for our friends and family, especially Grandparents and older individuals we care about. We will end the month with a special walk-through museum. More details to come. In addition to our museum theme, our letter sounds for the month are Pp and Hh, our number is 7, and our virtue is Responsibility. We will continue to work on our scissor skills, color control, pattern identification, and hygiene.

The 3's Team!


After a wonderful school year, we are down to our final month. When we started the school year we weren't quite sure what to expect. From wearing masks to cohorting, we had to adapt to a new standard. In saying that, our kids persevered! Even with the distractions, our 4's proved that they could do anything. It has been such a successful year and we, as teachers, are honored to have been a part of it. During this last month of school, we will be taking time to review and complete our final assessment. Throughout our review time we will be learning about things that grow including ourselves. We will take time to reflect on how much our kids have grown physically, mentally and socially since August plus we will learn about other things that grow in the world around us. As we wrap up the month, the 4's will have special days to bring in items from home such as board games, and outdoor toys. This month we are taking time to celebrate this successful year and how ready our kiddos are for kindergarten. 

The 4's Teachers


Kindergarteners are busy reading, writing, adding and subtracting, and preparing for their special graduation! 

We’ll finish off the year investigating local marine life, as well as learning the history of Charleston pirates.

During language arts, we are focusing on practicing our sight words and finding books that are “just right” for us to read (not too hard or not too easy).  In math we are analyzing, comparing, and composing shapes as we explore geometry.  We’re practicing songs and dances for our graduation ceremony, which will be an evening to remember as we highlight all the amazing learning from our Kindergarten year.

What a wonderful year we have had exploring, discovering, and growing in Kindergarten! 

Kindergarten Teachers!


2's  Count to 10 with number farm and learn our animal names

       Review our colors with Gustave

       Read a book

3's      Count to 10 with number farm

           Learn new animal names

           We will still learning about the Eiffel Tower

           Book " Everybody Say Bonjour"

4's  How do we celebrate the 1st of May in France

       Discovering more about the Eiffel Tower

       Practicing our Robot song and dance

       Read a book that talks about an Escargot

       Learn a song about an Escargot

5's.  Finishing our days of the week

       Learning how to call the member of our family

       Read the book "The Boy from Paris"



5K - we will spend the majority of May going over our lines/song for the Kindergarten Graduation. In addition, we will play games in Spanish to review what we have learnt over the year.

4K - we will continue to play "charades" and other games to use new Spanish vocabulary - vegetables, fruits, animals and opposites.

3K - we will continue with patterns, numbers, colors, songs and books in Spanish!

Señora Thompson


As the end of the year approaches the 5’s will be working on their graduation program songs and dances. 

For the 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s, we will be singing songs from our April lessons about fast and slow, and soft and loud.  We have added Deep Blue Sea and Listen to the Water about ocean and beach creatures.  We will sing Baby Shark and Go, Go, Go as well as our favorite . . . Blast Off.

We have had a great time singing Mrs. Myers Works with One Hammer that leads into the There’s a Boo Boo on My Arm; we will sing that song at least once a week.

We will continue with our dances from around the world because moving to the music is lots of fun.