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Welcome to the New School Year


Virtue of the Month:  Friendliness 

During the first month of school in the Twos, we will welcome everyone to their new class while introducing a sense of community, helping the children become comfortable with their teachers, peers, and classroom, and learn our daily routines.

We will transition into community helpers, transportation, and then head down to the farm.  The children always enjoy identifying different farm animals and the sounds they make while learning about who takes care of the animals on the farm and the crops in the field.  We will end our month with a Farmer’s Market!

 The 2's Team! 


The Three's classes have had a smooth start to the school year; all of the children seem to be adjusting nicely to their new classroom and teachers. We spent the first two weeks of school learning our classroom rules and procedures through stories, games, and many fun activities. We learned about letter M, number 0, and number 1 while talking about all of the things we can do for ourselves and having a "Can Do" attitude for the school year.

Our theme for September is "I am Special" as we learn about the letters S and C.  We are learning about ourselves, our families, and our houses. The children will discover their Five Senses and be a part of our first “Round-Robin” for the school year. We will end the month learning about Community Helpers and what we want to be when we grow up.

3"s September 23


The 3's Team!


Students and teachers always look forward to starting a brand-new school year together. Our 4’s classes have gotten off to a wonderful start getting to know new friends and learning classroom routines.

Our school year started off with “All About Me” activities. We read the Important Book by Margret Wise Brown. The children made self-portraits and answered questions about some things that were important about themselves.

Next, it was time to start learning our letters and numbers. The theme for August and September is Zoo Animals. The children learn the sound and how to write one letter each week that goes along with different animals. So far, they have loved learning about Lions, Flamingos, Elephants, Hippos and Tigers.

We have also spent time learning about the first Virtue for the school year:  Friendliness. We will read many wonderful books about friend; we started off reading a book called You Are Friendly by Todd Snow. It is such a great book on friendliness as it leads children into a discussion about what friendliness is and should look like. One of the highlights of our virtue program is when the children receive a Terrific Turtle prize for showing the virtue of the month!

The 4's Team!


Welcome to Kindergarten!

August was busy as we spent time getting to know each other, our routines, and classroom expectations.  Our kindergarteners have adjusted well and love being the big kids on campus.  They have shown a lot of interest and eagerly participate during our interactive reading time.  They are excited about learning!  September studies include Apples,  “Me on the Map”, and South Carolina state symbols.  

We also love doing art in kindergarten and will have created four different pieces by the end of September.  We started the month with completing our self-portraits followed by dot painting where we were inspired by the book The Dot to paint a dot or “not a dot”.  In the coming weeks, pointillism, inspired by George Seurat, will influence our palmetto tree art and apple still life will follow the example of Paul Cezanne.  Our still life will coincide with our kindergarten-wide apple-themed “Round Robin” where we will put our math, writing and science skills to work. 

The fun has just begun!

5's Sept 23

The Kindergarten Team