James Island News

January 2022

Virtue of the Month: Empathy 




The 2's Team! 


We will start this month observing the weather. What does it feel like, look like, sound like outside this time of year? What do animals do during the winter? Later in the month we will we will start our unit Museums unit. The letter sound for January is Dd and our number is 6. Our virtue is Empathy. We will work on grip, problem solving, expressing needs, and transitioning smoothly. We will also introduce opposites. 

The 3's Team!



The 4's Team!



We are jumping for joy that January is here and that we are back in school after the holiday break. After getting back into our routines and assessing what we have learned so far this year, our kindergarten journey will open our eyes to see how one person and the power of words can make a difference in the world as we read about Martin Luther King Jr. We will create picture of him by using our “Teacher Lead Craft” methods and tearing small pieces of paper. We will express our own dreams for a better world in our writing.  

Our kindergarteners will also become geologists as we study rocks from the core of the Earth to the shore. We will learn about sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks and the rock cycle.

At the end of the month, we will also be celebrating our 100th day of school. That is a day of activities that relate to 100 such as reading a 100-word poem, estimating where 100 steps will land us, building things with 100 objects, doing 100-piece puzzles, and of course we will write about what we would do if we were 100 years or what we would do with 100 dollars. So, let’s continue this joyful journey this month of January! 

The Kindergarten Team