Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Integrating faith and reason

The academic study of religion is an essential element of an Episcopal education.

Graceful and inclusive

As an Episcopal school, Porter-Gaud participates in a tradition with a long and rich history of academic excellence, integrating faith and reason in a graceful and inclusive manner which has been the hallmark of Anglican education for centuries.

True to this tradition, our Religion & Philosophy Department seeks neither indoctrination nor catechesis. Rather, we seek to create space for students to humbly, critically, and comparatively explore the diverse religious and philosophical traditions of our world.

Porter-Gaud Rev Statue

Our academic curriculum is constructed and implemented in alignment with our Episcopal identity and combines rigorous and free intellectual inquiry with an unapologetic proclamation of faith in a sovereign and loving God.

Consistent with our commitment to academic excellence and intellectual development, Porter-Gaud offers the study of religion in a manner that is meaningful, age-appropriate, and as fully rigorous as our other academic offerings.

Though the content may overlap, a clear distinction is maintained between gatherings for worship, prayer, and discipleship and the study of religion in the classroom.