Student Wellness

Student Wellness

Helping students to flourish and thrive

At Porter-Gaud, we focus on the whole child and strive to build, nourish, and sustain healthy minds, bodies, and spirits as students face stressors, tackle challenges, and seek their purpose in life.

Building a solid foundation

Our Counseling Department includes a Dean of Wellness, as well as dedicated school counselors for each division.

This team works closely with our school chaplains and learning specialists to help students navigate many common issues they face throughout childhood and adolescence, from adjusting to transitions to making healthy decisions.

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In addition to working with students on an individual basis, the counseling team also works with student groups and helps to develop and implement the school’s student wellness programming.

This programming aims to empower students across all three divisions to acquire, integrate, and practice vital life skills related to health and wellness to advance ongoing growth and learning.

Throughout the year, our counselors also provide educational programming for families and faculty to promote a better understanding of well-being in children and adolescents.

Lower School

In the Lower School, the counseling program focuses on academic, personal, and social development within a supportive environment to help all children succeed and become responsible members of society.

The Virtues Project is a large part of our character development program and is interwoven into classroom lessons, special recognition assemblies, and encompasses much of the programming at this level.

Other important lessons include child safety and abuse prevention, digital citizenship and internet safety, and self-regulation. We also work to build emotional intelligence skills to help create and maintain a positive school climate.

Middle School

In Middle School, the counseling program focuses on building a solid foundation to help students make positive decisions about their physical, emotional, and social health as they begin their adolescent years.

The program delivers weekly workshops, mini-courses, classroom lessons, assemblies, and speakers focused on a broad range of topics, such as managing peer pressure, avoiding substance use, communicating values, evaluating media messages, celebrating diversity, and understanding relationships.

Upper School

The counseling program for our Upper School students strives to prepare students to make smooth and successful transitions to adulthood.

We emphasize decision-making skills by addressing topics such as alcohol and other substance use, healthy relationships, transitions to college life, and other areas of well-being.

Programming, such as Advisory, 9th Grade Experience, speakers, and seminars, are designed with student input to support academic success and enhance emotional well-being.

Upper School counselors also engage in ongoing supportive counseling with individual students. When needed, they provide crisis intervention, initiate referrals to outside professionals, and act as liaisons for students engaged in treatment with outside professionals.


Our Counselling Team

Families are encouraged to contact the counselors below to discuss concerns, schedule a meeting, or make arrangements for referrals to local off-campus providers:

Liz Boeschen

Dean of Wellness and
Upper School Counselor

P: 843.402.4855

Fran Ridgell

Upper School Counselor

P: 843.402.4824



Flo Sanders
Middle School Counselor
P: 843.402.4683



Deen Wey
Lower School Counselor
P: 843.402.4836



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