Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Nurturing creativity

We teach basic design elements and principles of art and build on those concepts each year. From lower school to upper school, students are able to experiment with painting, drawing, clay, sculpture, and more, growing in confidence and technical skill as the years progress. We have a professional-grade kiln room as well as a digital design lab.

Growing in confidence and technical skill

Student artistic growth begins in the lower grades with experimentation in a variety of basic media. Middle School is a time for refining skills, experimenting with different styles, and solving problems in areas like dimension or color theory.

Upper School students study principles and styles of art as they fine tune their focus and build skills in more advanced art media. AP Studio Art is the culmination of one’s experience of the visual arts at Porter-Gaud.

It is our purpose to guide and nurture creativity, producing in the end students who have either discovered or fine tuned a side of themselves they may not have known they had. It is our hope that after graduation, our students are able to continue on a creative path and bring joy to others through the use of their imaginations.