The New Chapel

The New Chapel

Preparing hearts and minds for worship

Since moving to the West Ashley campus in the 1960s, building a full-sized chapel has been part of Porter-Gaud’s campus planning and a long-term goal of the school.

Placed at the front of campus, the new chapel will serve as a visual representation of Porter-Gaud’s commitment to our Episcopal identity and how we live out our mission and core values. In addition to being used for weekly chapel services, the chapel will give our students a space to learn, grow, and be inspired.

A space for reflection and prayer

Mindfully designed in the style of the original St. Timothy’s Chapel on the former Porter Military Academy campus, the new chapel will seat 600 people and create unlimited opportunities for fellowship, discussion, contemplation, and worship.

With faith as its core purpose, this new full-sized chapel will be a sacred space dedicated to awakening, enlightening, and nurturing the spirits of all who enter.

Information Flyer

Project Vision
  • Strengthen the spiritual development of students in all divisions.
  • Enter into the beautiful liturgy of the Anglican tradition as it was meant to be.
  • Immerse ourselves in the traditions, stories, and values that anchor us.
  • Welcome speakers, hold concerts, and host community-building events.
  • Create a haven where God's love for His children is ever-present. 
The Project
  • Increase square footage from 1,110 to 7,884.
  • Design a beautiful sanctuary space that prepares hearts and minds for worship.
  • Construct a redesigned WATCH tower to honor our founder, The Rev. Dr. Anthony Toomer Porter.
  • Add a multi-purpose room for meetings, fellowship, and ministry opportunities.
  • Build a tranquil garden and terrace space for reflection and prayer.
  • Provide two new classroom spaces and three chaplain’s offices.
  • Increase seating capacity for school gatherings to accommodate an entire division and staff.
  • State-of-the-art acoustics, A/V, and lighting.


Frequently asked questions

Will all Porter-Gaud students benefit from a new chapel?
Yes! In addition to using the new chapel for meetings, to practice and perform as part of our music program, or to attend class, students in all divisions will utilize the space on a weekly basis for worship and contemplation. The chapel will be a place where all students can learn, grow, and be inspired.
Why are we building a new chapel?

Since we moved to our West Ashley campus in the 1960s, building a full-sized chapel has been part of Porter-Gaud’s campus planning and a long-term goal of the school. A new chapel space will create opportunities for us to fully immerse ourselves in the traditions, stories, and values that anchor us and keep us aligned and on course with our mission.

The increased seating capacity will also allow us to better accommodate parents who attend Lower School chapel services and provide much needed space for meetings, classes, performances, and community events.

Are tuition dollars being used to support this project?
No, the chapel project is completely donor-funded.
Who can support the chapel campaign?
All members of the Porter-Gaud family, including Trustees, alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends.
Can I make a multi-year pledge?
Yes. Donors may make pledges for up to five years.
Are there naming opportunities?

Yes. There are numerous naming opportunities in the new chapel. Please see the information flyer above for more details.


New Chapel interior, architectural image



“Porter-Gaud is a school driven by its focus for their students and invests in developments for their well-being. The addition of a new chapel would provide another space for all of the student body and staff to learn, grow, and most importantly: feel safe. All of the Upper School student body would be able to fit inside of the chapel, and this opens up the opportunity to hold various events and ceremonies where everyone from parents, students, guests, and even potential Porter-Gaud families can begin their journey. This new chapel will bring together the entire community and prove to be a valued and sacred place to all.”

Amber Wilsondebriano, Class of 2024


“I am a freshman Vestry representative, and one of the things I am most thankful for at Porter-Gaud is the chapel …. With our chapel, everybody is included and unified in the glorious presence of God.”

Gracie Coleman, Class of 2026

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