Generosity Impacting the Future

We are grateful for the generosity of our scholarship donors. They help Porter-Gaud attract and retain deserving students who would not be able to afford it otherwise

Named Scholarships

The Barrett Family Scholarship
The Barrett Family Scholarship was established in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Barrett and family. The Barrett Family Scholarship goes to a prospective student entering grades six through twelve, and recognizes a student who maintains good overall standing at Porter-Gaud School.
The Charilla Barham Scholarship

The Charilla Barham Scholarship was established by family and friends of Charilla Barham in 2013 to provide tuition assistance to a worthy 6th grade student who best embodies the spirit of Charilla Barham’s love for Porter-Gaud and its students.

The Colonel George B. Buell ’17 Scholarship
The Colonel George B. Buell ’17 Scholarship was established in 1991 by Colonel George B. Buell ’17, as a memorial for his wife Frances Gooding Buell. Colonel Buell was the first president of the Porter Military Academy Alumni Association and brought former cadets into Porter-Gaud School. Colonel Buell passed away in 1996, but his legacy and love for our school lives on as his scholarship supports a worthy Porter-Gaud student in the Upper School.
The Benjamin Wyatt Burris ’01 Scholarship

The Benjamin Wyatt Burris ’01 Scholarship was established in 2009 by the Burris family and friends of Ben Burris. Ben was a team player who cared deeply about his friends, family, and others around him. The award is given to students who exhibit Ben’s passion for life, friendship and competition.

The Barry D. Gumb, Jr. Scholarship
The Barry D. Gumb, Jr. Scholarship was established in 2000 at Coastal Community Foundation by the family and friends of “Beau” Gumb, in his memory. This scholarship is given to recognize the personal merit of a student who is strong in character, integrity and concern for others.
The Broad Reach Scholarship

This fund was established in 2018 with the goal of attracting students to Porter-Gaud who will take full advantage of the opportunities at the school that help them grow as individuals. Achieving that goal starts with the scholarship’s name.

It is named for sailing’s “broad reach”, a favorable point of sail to catch the winds that typically moves a boat faster and more comfortably through the water to its destination.

Frank Ford Leadership Award
This award was established in memory of Frank C. Ford. The fund supports an annual award to a current 11th grader who demonstrates integrity, determination, and contributes positively to campus life. The Scholarship can be used for Porter-Gaud tuition or future college tuition.
The George Kahdy Scholarship

The George Kahdy Scholarship was established in 2022 by an anonymous donor with the purpose of supporting students with academic promise and increasing diversity in Porter-Gaud’s student body.

The scholarship is in honor of George Kahdy, who passed away in 2023 at the age of 102 years old. George Kahdy was an immigrant from Lebanon, a U.S. Air Force pilot in WWII, founder of the first desegregated high school in North Carolina, and an amazing grandfather and great-grandfather.

Kirk Sheridan Kessler ‘76 Scholarship

Kirk Sheridan Kessler ‘76 Scholarship was established in 2014 by his parents, Colonel and Mrs. Raymond A. Kessler, Jr. ’39.

The scholarship honors the memory of Kirk Kessler, and is awarded to a rising 9th grader who, like Kirk Kessler, possesses high ideals and a record of accomplishment, as demonstrated through strong moral character, pursuit of excellence, servant leadership and participation in and love of team sports.

The Krawcheck Family Scholarship

The Krawcheck Family Scholarship was established in 2000 by Sallie L. Krawcheck ’83 and members of her family to support exceptional students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Porter-Gaud School.

The Krawcheck Scholarships are modeled after the Morehead-Cain Scholarship at the University of North Carolina and also provide successive summer enrichment activities for each recipient.

The Khris Middleton Scholarship
The Middleton Scholarship was established in 2017 by Khris Middleton ’09. The Middleton Scholars program aims to increase diversity at Porter-Gaud by awarding scholarships to high achieving underserved and minority students.
Lower School JADE Scholarship

Lower School JADE Scholarship was established in 2010 by an anonymous donor and is awarded to a highly motivated minority student in the Lower School with outstanding academic credentials and a supportive home environment.

The JADE Scholarship was created based on the donor’s desire to make it possible for recipients to pursue their dreams, realize their potential, and develop their resourcefulness and record of accomplishment.

The Paul and Suzanne Lynch Family Scholarship
This award was established in 2019 by Suzanne and Paul Lynch ’80 to provide a merit based scholarship to an outstanding student in the Upper School at Porter-Gaud.
The Malone Family Foundation Scholarship

The Malone Family Foundation Scholarship was established in 2011 by the Malone Family Foundation with an initial $2 million endowment gift. The program enables top-level students to attain scholarships at a growing number of independent secondary schools throughout the United States.

The scholarship fund, which has a merit and need-based component, will enable students who are of the highest academic caliber to attend Porter-Gaud.

The Meeting Street Academy Scholarship Awards
This award is given to Meeting Street Academy Students who are strong academic candidates with drive and motivation whose families provide a stable and supportive environment in order to ensure the student’s success.
The Porter-Gaud Alumni Association Scholarship
The Porter-Gaud Alumni Association Scholarship was created to recognize and support worthy students who are related to an alumnus or alumna of Porter Military Academy, The Gaud School or Porter-Gaud School. Proceeds from the PGAA Annual Golf Tournament and other fundraisers provide scholarships each year.
The Post and Courier Scholarship
This award was established in 2017 by the Post and Courier Foundation with the intent to provide student scholarships at Porter-Gaud to recipients with a passion for writing and learning.
The Randall L. Clark Scholarship
Established in memory of Randy Clark by his family and friends in November 2013, this fund provides scholarship to an outstanding student in the Middle School.
The Stelling Family Scholarship Endowment
The Stellings’ appreciation for Porter-Gaud is what compelled the family to establish the Stelling Family Scholarship Endowment. The scholarship supports current families and students facing unexpected hardship after their family experiences a significant financial crisis. These funds will be accessible to provide short-term, one year support for a family who unexpectedly needs financial assistance to cover the cost of tuition and fees.
The Stephen E. Puckette III ’75 Scholarship

The Stephen E. Puckette III ’75 Scholarship was established in 1994 by Dr. and Mrs. S. Elliott Puckette in honor of their son. The Puckette Scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates deep character and is an active member of a Christian congregation.

The Michael H. Rawl ’94 Scholarship

The Michael H. Rawl ’94 Scholarship was established in 1992 by his parents, The Honorable and Mrs. A. Victor Rawl ’64. The Michael H. Rawl ‘94 Scholarship recognizes a minority student who maintains a respectable academic average and who participates in the extracurricular life of Porter-Gaud. The recipient manifests a desire to assist in building a better community and a determination to succeed.

The Shriver Soliday Amicitia Award

The Shriver Soliday Amicitia Award was established to honor the legacy of Shriver Soliday, who passed away after his junior year at Porter-Gaud in 2014. Shriver’s family and friends have established this award in his memory for a member of the rising senior class each year.

The recipient of this award is nominated by the Senior Vestry and voted on by the rising senior class. The title of the award derives from Cicero’s treatise De Amicitia, which reflects on the qualities of a true friend.

The South Carolina Society Scholarship at Porter-Gaud School

The South Carolina Society Scholarship at Porter-Gaud School was established in 1989 by the South Carolina Society. It provides tuition assistance to a rising 6th grade student who at one time previously attended Meeting Street Academy.

South Carolina Scholars are selected based on academic proficiency, character, participation in community life, and objectives for the future.

The Tozzi Family Scholarship Award

The Tozzi Family Scholarship Endowment, established by Jamie and Jeffery Tozzi in 2015, was created to defray tuition expenses for faculty children at Porter-Gaud or children who have a parent(s) employed in active duty military service.