O'Quinn Strategic Plan


O'Quinn Strategic Plan 2024

Strategic planning is crucial to ensuring future growth. Our Board of Trustees has created a plan that will help the entire Porter-Gaud School community grow and flourish in the coming years.

A collaborative and transparent process

Porter-Gaud and O'Quinn will embark on a new strategic plan this year through a collaborative and transparent process that includes representation from all of our constituencies; Board members, parents, students, faculty and staff, and community members. This five year plan is designed to take the Porter-Gaud experience to its next level of educational excellence.


Our Goals

To build a forward-looking, student-centered strategic plan guided by our mission and supported by a commitment to do all that we can to make the Porter-Gaud experience ever more meaningful, accessible, and distinctive.

  • Goal #1:  Strengthening O’Quinn Administration Foundations
  • Goal #2:  Ensuring Faculty Excellence
  • Goal #3:  Strengthening Student Learning and Community


Our Process

  • Involve our entire community. We will start with everyone in the room.
  • Be highly transparent to all school stakeholders.
  • Inspire us to think boldly and bravely about our future.
  • Utilize the guidance and expertise of Grant Lichtman, an internationally recognized thought leader in the K-12 education arena.

Porter-Gaud O'Quinn pupil building in class