A community of families

We are not simply a school - we are a community of families because of the dedication of our parent volunteers. Porter-Gaud values and encourages parent engagement.  The relationships between parents, faculty, students, and administrators are strengthened by parent involvement in the volunteer opportunities offered by the Porter-Gaud Parent Association (PGPA).

Strengthening Relationships Between Parents, Faculty, Students, and Administrators

The mission of the PGPA is to: 

  • Build community among families through special events and volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide families with information and resources helpful to parenting.
  • Raise funds that support school programs.

The Porter-Gaud experience is enhanced when our parents share their talents and time with our community. We encourage you to get involved!



  • Past President: Dorothy Thaxton
  • President: Kate Adams
  • Vice President Community: Morgan Marshall
  • Vice President Events: Gretchen Naylor
  • Vice President Athletics: Krysten Hariri & Richard McElroy
  • Treasurer: Amanda Doherty
  • Secretary: Abigail Speights


PGPA Board 2024-2025

  • Fall Concessions Coordinator (Football): Fall:  Open
  • Concessions Coordinator (Volleyball): Winter:  Open
  • Concessions Coordinator: Open
  • Spring Concessions Coordinator: 2 Positions Open
  • Coach Appreciation: Phoebe Mendez
  • Fundraising: Brook Bennett & Craig Sedmak
  • Father’s Social Event Coordinator: Craig Sedmak
  • Mom’s Social Event Coordinator: Ellie Gray


  • PG Merchandise - Christina Goodear, Becky Lincoln & Tiffany Issa
  • PG Spring Community Event - Ellie Gray and Jessie Brooker
  • Halloween - Ansley Feussner, Lisa McFadden

    & Carson Lucas

  • Holiday Festival - Open
  • Athletic Event Chair: Ellie Gray
  • Assistant Chairs: Whitney Holzer, Laura Barnhart
  • Transition Team: Ellie Gray, Robin Poliakoff
Community Building
  • US Division Representative - Jill Settle
  • US Teacher Appreciation - Jennifer Thompson, Dee Fortson, Christine Mermer
  • MS Representative - Cindy Nistad
  • MS Teacher Appreciation - Fernanda Brewer, Kimberly Brown, Jackie Thomson, Angie Polk
  • LS Representative - Becky Cheek & Masheed Rockwell
  • LS Teacher Appreciation - Anne Jackson, Chantal Byrne, Megan Lecholop
  • Facilities/Dining Appreciation - Charlotte Stein, Sarah Wendell, Erin Farrow
  • Faith / Moms in Prayer - Jill Settle
  • Diversity & Inclusion Parent Alliance (DIPA) - Kimberly Brown and Shayna Howell
  • Family Wellness - Danielle Lopez


Grade Level Reps

Lower School
  • Grade 1: Allison Sheets, Valerie Howell, Jenny Desart
  • Grade 2: Ashley Cook, Katie Lansbury,

    Laura Woodcock, Emily Giarrocco

  • Grade 3: Laura Barnhart, Whitney Morrison, Anna Maria Kammeyer
  • Grade 4: Kristen Cochran, Megan Louis, Kelly Bogdan, Heather Adams
Middle School
  • Grade 5: Kate Johnson, Chenoa Reed, Lauren Lail, Diana Snyder
  • Grade 6: Nicole Codell, Rebecca Wade
  • Grade 7: Lisa McElhaney, Brian Kern,

    Lauren Little

  • Grade 8: Blair Turner, Merritt Buck,

    Rebecca Warren, Melissa VandeWiel

Upper School
  • Grade 9: Jennifer Lea, Anne Pope
  • Grade 10: Amy Salzhauer, Kristen Wisner, Allyson Thornton
  • Grade 11: Hope Gamble, Hunter Dawson
  • Grade 12: Denise Apple, Kacie Highsmith, Avery Smith, Nicole Ferraro & Holly Centurino



The Diversity and Inclusion Parent Alliances's (DIPA) mission is to help families grow in their understanding of diversity and cultural sensitivity, develop awareness and empathy, and recognize and appreciate the unique nature of our school community. This parent partnership is in support of our school’s mission and in building a welcoming and inclusive community.

Past Events
  • April 2023: Culinary Connections
    A festive dinner and discussion highlighting the depth of the Caribbean's many influences on Lowcountry Cuisine. A unique opportunity to discover the tropical roots of our region's architecture, food traditions, and cultural heritage and to dine on freshly-prepared, boldly-flavored cuisine from the island of Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Puerto Rico. Proceeds benefiting PG's Equity and Inclusion Fund.
  • December 2022: Parent Coffee with Bishop Ruth Woodliff-Stanley
    As Porter-Gaud celebrates 50 years of educating women on campus, we recognize the importance of having women in leadership roles in ministry. Bishop Woodliff-Stanley will highlight the need for and challenges of female leadership in ministry and how the school's Episcopal identity helps create a strong sense of community and belonging for all.



Moms In Prayer

Moms In Prayer is an international organization with a vision that every school in the world would be covered with prayer. Starting in September, we will meet every Tuesday from 8:30-9:30 a.m. to intercede on behalf of our children and school through prayer.
We invite all mothers to join us in Washington Hall anytime!

Feel free to visit or, if you have any questions, contact:

Jill Settle
P: 843-697-0818



Resources for Upper School Parents/Student Organizations
  • FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes is in the process of forming an all-school sports huddle.
    If your child is interested in being a leader, please contact:

Jill Settle
P: 843-697-0818


  • Young Life - You can follow the Porter-Gaud Young Life group on Instagram @portergaudyounglife.


Family Wellness

Parent Zooms and Resources

The Family Wellness team works with School administrators, deans and counselors to select wellness speakers, panel discussions, recommended blogs, articles, and books as resources for parents.