Who We Are


A special learning community 

Porter-Gaud has built a reputation as one of the premier independent schools in the Southeast. We offer a well-rounded educational curriculum and provide impactful opportunities in academics, the arts, athletics, spiritual growth, and community service, while staying focused on the future educational landscape.

Our faculty and staff make the difference.

Our students are guided by professionals who are some of the top in their field. Porter-Gaud is blessed with a faculty and staff that is considered by many to be the top in the Lowcountry. Combining a mindset that is both challenging and supportive, students are encouraged to be the best version of themselves in an environment that goes to great lengths to support that growth.

The educational journey from first grade to graduation takes thoughtful planning to ensure success, and our Vision of a Learner serves as the cornerstone of the Porter-Gaud experience. We seek students who are motivated to become change-makers in the community we serve. Beyond graduation, Porter-Gaud has an alumni community who demonstrates around the world the impact of the education they received here.