Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The power of Performing Arts 

Porter-Gaud believes in the power of the Performing Arts so much our students begin performing in the first semester of first grade. 

Creating lasting memories

Our youngest students tell the story of Christmas through music, the spoken work, and choreography, creating a lasting memory that stays with them through to graduation. This emphasis continues throughout their academic careers. General music is taught in grades 1-8. Choral music and musical theatre begin in 4th grade. 


Choral Music

Choral music has been a part of every civilization on earth, and Porter-Gaud values the choral music tradition.  It is arguably the purest form of music, using our human voices as the instrument. Our students are encouraged from a young age to join together in singing, whether in chapel or in music classes.

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Porter-Gaud begins teaching choral music very early in the academic careers of our students. Students begin singing in first grade and begin organized choral singing in 4th grade.
In the Middle School, choir becomes an elective.

Our Middle School Choir is comprised of 20+ non auditioned singers in grades 5-8. The Leading Tones is an auditioned girls ensemble in the Middle School, comprised of treble voices singing advanced SSA literature.

The Upper School has two vocal ensembles.  The Upper School Choir is a group of 30+ non auditioned singers from grades 9-12.  The Chamber Singers is an auditioned choir made up of singers from the Upper School Choir.


Instrumental Music

Porter-Gaud begins teaching instrumental music in the Lower School.  Students learn to play various percussion instruments, Irish whistle, ukulele, and hand chimes.  Middle and Upper School students who are able to play an instrument can participate in the Jazz Ensemble. We also have a handbell choir and a string ensemble.



With the recent opening of the blackbox theater/dance classroom, Porter-Gaud is able to offer a more complete dance curriculum. For several years, we offered an Intro to Dance class, but now can offer multiple levels of dance for those who are interested. Our dance curriculum focuses on the techniques of jazz and hip hop dance, but also teaches classical dance as well.  The Intro class is open to any student in the Upper School who is interested.



Students at Porter-Gaud begin performing on stage in first grade with the Christmas Play and continue to develop that craft throughout their years at PG.  Over the course of a year, we put on seven fully-staged productions. In the Middle School, students begin to perform junior versions of well-known musicals.  In the Upper School, students perform a play in the fall and a musical in the spring.