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Camp Cyclone

Camp Cyclone is a go!

Camp Cyclone 2021 will be held on campus this summer and offers an amazing variety of morning, afternoon, and full day camps available every week to ALL children in the Charleston area!

Safety is of the utmost importance and The Porter-Gaud School will provide a reasonably assured effort to adhere to the current South Carolina guidelines and restrictions.

If you are registered for a full day camp, or both a morning and afternoon camp in the same week, lunch will be provided this summer thanks to Kelsey Chase and her amazing FLIK staff!  You can also purchase a lunch and 1 hour coverage from 12-1pm before or after your morning or afternoon camp for the specified week.

**You can add multiple "participants" for easy registration!



*You can now register through Porter-Gaud under June 26th and 27th weekend with the link below!

June 7th-11th FULL DAY

June 7th-11th MORNING

June 7th-11th AFTERNOON

June 14th-18th FULL DAY

June 14th-18th MORNING

June 14th-18th AFTERNOON

June 21st-25th FULL DAY

June 21st-25th MORNING

June 21st-25th AFTERNOON

June 26th and 27th

June 28th-July 2nd FULL DAY

June 28th-July 2nd MORNING

June 28th-July 2nd AFTERNOON

July 12th-16th FULL DAY

July 12th-16th MORNING

July 12th-16th AFTERNOON

July 19th-23rd FULL DAY

July 19th-23rd MORNING

July 19th-23rd AFTERNOON

July 26th-30th FULL DAY

July 26th-30th MORNING

July 26th-30th AFTERNOON

August 2nd-6th FULL DAY

August 2nd-6th MORNING

August 2nd-6th AFTERNOON