Learning Services

Learning Services

Helping students excel

The purpose of the Learning Services Program is to support students with diagnosed learning differences to achieve success at Porter-Gaud.

The Learning Services Program provides a continuum of support to students in preschool through twelfth grades.

Achieve success at Porter-Gaud

With the support of academic coaching and educational accommodations, our Learning Services students realize their full potential and continue on their path to become lifelong learners.

Students in the program follow the academic curriculum and requirements of Porter-Gaud School. A Learning Plan is created to meet the needs of each student. This plan may not fundamentally alter the nature of the academic curriculum.

Students are considered for eligibility in the program following a formal psycho-educational evaluation and diagnosis based on DSM-V criteria. It is required that this process be completed with a licensed clinical psychologist, neurologist or a certified school psychologist.

The evaluation provided must be current; within the last three years for Lower and Middle School and within the last five years for Upper School. For continued Learning Service support and classroom/test accommodations, the psycho-educational evaluation will be required to be  updated every three years in the Lower and Middle School and every five years in the Upper School.

Porter-Gaud Lower School math class

Accommodations and services are provided for students with a documented diagnosis using the DSM-V criteria.

Accommodations are determined on a case by case basis and are based on recommendations included in the psycho-educational evaluation on file with the Learning Services Program.

This is the same documentation that is required by the College Board for standardized testing accommodations. Porter-Gaud cannot provide educational accommodations without proper documentation.

The following are examples of approved accommodations implemented at Porter-Gaud, when deemed appropriate:


Approved Accommodations

  • Extended Time on Quizzes, Tests and Exams
  • Preferential Seating
  • Computer Use
  • Allowing computer/iPad use to type extended responses


The following services are provided for each student in the Learning Services Program:

Learning Services Program

  • Review of Learning Plan as needed
  • Communication with classroom teachers regarding individual student’s accommodations, as outlined in the Learning Plan
  • Collaboration with classroom teachers throughout the school year to support student progress
  • Small-group academic coaching during the school day
  • Coordination of Extended Time Accommodations on quizzes, tests and exams throughout the school year
  • Coordination of Extended Time Accommodations on standardized testing (ERB, OLSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP Exams)
  • Communication with parents
  • Referral to the school based tutoring program (Lyceum) as necessary
  • Support to students during times of transition